"Creature Escaped" Must Be Removed


I seriously can not comprehend the logic of this function.

I could understand this existing if it was possible to keep the dino around infinitely, but you can’t. No matter how close you get to the dino, the time you have to dart it is extremely finite to begin with.

As a VIP, I have checked. Closest I have been able to get to a dino is 6 ft. 6 ft amounts to 24 seconds of dart time.

This function essentially is nothing more than a screw you to the players. It’s saying “Oh, you get up to 24 seconds? Well, we’ll see how the RNG plays out and if the dino keeps in this general direction, I will TAKE AWAY SOME OF THAT TIME!”

Seriously, Ludia, WHY??

And the worst part of it is that as a VIP, I encounter this MORE than Non- VIPs do, because I get a little longer dart time. So it’s like Ludia is saying “Oh, thanks for playing, don’t mind if we do our best to rob you of that extra time you’re paying for.”

Can someone please explain to me why this function exists? Why has it not been removed yet?

We need to push for the removal of this. I can find no reasonable explanation for why this function exists except to piss off the player base. That’s really all I can think of.


I agree with your post 100%


It exists to keep everyone from becoming overpowered, simple as that. Would you wanna face an I-Rex or I-Raptor in Arena 1?


Oh please. 1-7 seconds cut off someone’s time because the dino won’t change direction is going to prevent us from seeing those dinos in Arena 1? No.

God, I saw Rex’s in Arena 1 when I started playing this game just from people buying incubators. I HAD a Rex in Arena 1 from buying incubators.

If that’s the reason, it’s neither reasonable nor justifiable.


I have farted thousands of dinosaurs and only had 5 escape!

Btw I left the autocorrect in place cause it’s funny :smile:!!!