Creature escaped


This is becoming a joke… what incentive is there to be a VIP… you pay extra money for extra time.

Yet I’ve gone out to catch kentosaurus, the first 2 escaped while on yellow battery… why.
Essentially cheated out of about 100 dna

Now they give us these events to catch DNA that’s hard to come across, but ludia always find a way to give with one hand and take away with the other.

There is no point in being VIP if you actually get off your backside to hunt etc, it shouldn’t be like that, especially with the prices ludia charge.

This game would be nothing without the players and I think ludia need to learn that sooner rather than later


Kinda agree here. Especially with T Rex, bolt straight for the escape as soon as you fire first dart. Very rare to get a full drone battery worth of shots.


You can get the creature to turn by continuously hitting them with darts but I agree with you guys. Why was this feature ever added? It doesn’t make sense.


I guess to make the darting a bit more challenging… as if the infamous rexy tail isn’t hard enough :joy:


I had a rex escape when the battery was still yellow. The said rex required me to cross the railroad near my house and walk through a spider web to get to :joy: was like welp ill take the 60 dna lol


Happened the same to me today so frustrating :roll_eyes: i need like 50dna to get indominus


i’ve had the creature escape when it’s nowhere near the fence. not even on the screen yet, and it still escapes.


It is a joke… I’m considering to cancel my VIP because what is the point paying for extra battery power if dinosaurs escape? Today I darted Sinoceratops and after 4 shots it escaped and I was only 7 meters away from it.

Not nice Ludia…