Creature features and notes, suggestions

Some creature features I think should be addressed:
Indominus mouth pink
Utarinex color
Indoraptor claw length

Also, pterovexus glitch has been happening for almost 2 months

And we’re not going to be able to get our creatures if they only upgrade 10 or 20 every time we upgrade them, haven’t got anything over 20 for 2 weeks

What’s the Pterovexus glitch?

Pterovexus glitches during a move

Does its animation mess up or does it not perform the move?

the animation


Also the ceratopsians don’t roar when doing the move dig in. Feels unsatisfactory

Presice rampage: roaring animation
Long protection:thagomizer animation

Smiloceph and smilonemys model,any non armor piercing/defense shattering move on trex/large theropod model creature (ex.:instant charge on allosino) the creature should roar instead biting

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Indoraptor gen 2 is too white

  • Mouth is a little pink, but maybe it just ate?
  • Utarinex is beautiful
  • Claw length is the same as in the movie
  • Pterovexus bug is just one of the many bugs Ludia already has on the backlog.
  • 10 or 20 fuses, that is very annoying. I just had a 90 on my Utarinex :slight_smile:
  • Indoraptor gen 2 is too OP, but how is it white? Looks more pink to me.

You’re just nitpicking.

Utarinex’ pigmentation seems to not be inherited from either parent. I would have expected it to turn out green. This is why I wish skins were a thing.

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Also when scolosaurus swaps in there’s no swap in animation just an empty battlefield

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Yea theres a lot of those. Amargocephalus, Alankylosaurus, Monomimus, Nodopatosaurus, Gigaspikasaurus, and Geminititan especially.


3 weeks …

Entelodon’s first hit has a delayed reaction. It whooshes its head and then a couple second later the smack finally hits the opponents creature.


Would like if Pterovexus distraction was a faster move

And if the icons were different for rampage distraction and the different kinds of rampage and pounce

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