Creature File and Jurassic World Alive Elimination QnA

In honor of celebrating the 1st year anniversary of Jurassic World Alive elimination, I decided to do another QnA on both Jurassic World Alive elimination, and Creature File. Here are the rules as always.

  1. Don’t ask for anything personal. Its against the rules.

  2. Don’t be rude. If you did, you’ll get flagged for that.

  3. Don’t ask me to do this creature. I don’t do request.

  4. Don’t say that I didn’t do this creature. That’s not a question.

  5. Have fun

QnA begins now

When does it start?

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Start what?

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I think he mean when next Jurassic world alive Elimination and when next creature files
Also I want know that too

Soon. For Creature file, I had to find other creatures that I need to find after Megalonyx. As with elimination, tomorrow when I got time

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How did you come up with JWA Elimination?

I came up with this idea because I thought it would be fun to do it

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have you kept any count of which of your files got “accepted” by ludia?

I have!
so far…3
Latenivenatrix, Glyptodon, and Scutosaurus

I don’t know what you are talking about

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He mean your creature files
How many your creature files got accept by ludia
I remember has scutosaurus that was in your creature files

Did you start Creature files to suggest Ludia or just for fun?

Just for fun

2 so far: Glyptodon and Scutosaurus