"Creature has escaped"


Has anyone else noticed, that whenever you encounter an Epic - they always escape after like 3/4 of your total time?

Granted I have VIP, so i get extra time… but it’s frustrating as hell when they all escape before the time limit runs out!


I find it happens alot as well. Pretty much a hard cap on the amount of dna they want you to collect from epics even though you pay for extra time.

Honestly feel like demanding a refund for every purchase ive made due to the shady coding ludia does.

Between high level bots in arena that makes it impossible to progress to broken showcase incubators and this, it’s clear they just want everyone’s money without plans to fix anything


It is definitely all about the money - and ALOT of money too. I’ll openly admit i’ve spent a bit of cash on the game (NZD$300’ish to be exact) but at the same time i spend a lot of time out there hunting, i’m riding like 50kms a week on the hunt! Still get absolutely smashed in the arena’s though - managed to get to rank 206 once, but then got quickly beaten back down.


This has happened to me just once, with a rare not an epic, and without having collected a huge amount of DNA. Non-VIP account. Maybe you just had bad luck? Idk but if this is an issue, I will NOT get VIP


Think we need a few more comments from other VIP players to be able to tell for sure, but if it is a case of them limiting the time you have available to essentially nullify the extra time you pay for, then that is day-light robbery!


I only ever had it once, it was a T-Rex and my timer had already hit 1 second. That was also not my best DNA attempt, so I don’t think it’s limited by DNA.

It may just be a really low random chance thing, though I agree it’s unnecessary and should be dropped.


Nah i’m talking like almost 100% of my epics have escaped, so definitely not a ‘low chance’ thing!


The way I understood it when it happened to me, I thought it was just the normal time for the dinosaur to de-spawn so she did despawn in the middle of the catch


That’s odd. Ive encountered a good handful of epics in the wild now, and it’s only ever happened the one time. I’m not VIP, and I’m not a terrible shot, but I’m not stellar either.

How much DNA did you manage to get from them before they escaped?


Yeah so i’m thinking it’s the VIP extra time that is being limited.

Generally 60-70+ before they escape - but that could easily be 100+ given i’ve often got about 1/4 of my battery left when they get gone!


I’m vip. During trex day he escaped twice. 1st immediately after the countdown started. 2nd before countdown started AND didn’t show it hitting the boundary for escape.
DNA total for trex day was 49,55,43.


That’s so weird.

Yeah, that’s a mechanic that needs to be re-thought if Lyra is correct or outright ditched otherwise.


Yeah well they have caps on everything (daily coins, cash, darts too i’m pretty sure) so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is some hidden cap as well >.<


How long do dinos stick around anyway? I know they respawn within like 10 or 15mins once you get the DNA, but I’ve some vanish the second they spawn, or just simply leave once they’ve gotten what they need from the local stores.


I found an epic on the way to work this morning. A Ouranosaurus, why is it EPIC?


Had it happen to me on trex day too!


Yeah I’m VIP atm, and yes any of the few epics I encounter I can confirm, for me at least that dino escapes have been 100% of all my attempts so far.


Wow this sucks then, I’m de-considering VIP now.


Yeah i thought this might be the case, seems to happen far to frequently to me for it to be by chance…

… if only Ludia or a GM would provide input in these type of posts! Would love to know what the real deal is here.


It happened to me once but I would think it works that way: every shot or two that you get a direct hit on any dinosaur, it turns around at some angle and start running faster but in different direction, and that makes it harder to direct hit, especially epics since you have a only a pinhole to land a direct hit, so it simply escapes when it reaches edge of the “arena” while running straight. The point is to make it turn around as often as you can so it won’t run away.