Creature idea 1:dogs

So basicly i used to post these on reddit and i have done 11 of them so far, i basicly think of a new animation set and get a common, rare and epic for it, then i also get a legendary hybrid for it. The moves i try to make somewhat uniqe so it wouldn’t be a full new animation set for lets say carcharodontosaurids but then they would have the same shatering moves as tyranosaurids. But now i’ve looked back at some of my older creature ideas and tryed to rework them i started with my original idea dogs. I will start reworking some of my older ones and post them here and on reddit. So this is the rework(if you wanna se the original, go to reddit the rework is there then check my account scroll for a while and it’s there).

download (22) download (25) download (26) download (27) download (21)
I’ve made one edit and it’s that pack leader would have a cooldown of 3 not 4. And tell me what you think of these i’m personaly not too happy if i get a good idea how to make a great group buffing creature i may make a new post where i reworked them again. Also the reason hyenadon and megisto aren’t in there i cause i would like a uniqe animation set for hyenadontids. Tho if dogs get aded they will problably have the andrew animation set.


They’re well balanced, I would also like to see bears like Arctodus and Sarcastodon.


I’d say dire wolf should be epic

Both of them are on reddit in my creature idea 3

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