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Creature idea I'm in love with

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I like it!

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Like it but would be hard to unlock

Just something that popped up in my head, is it possible for lux to be hybridized with an epic hybrid and that would solve the creatures hybrid problem? I mean, it would create a unique I think, and so it wouldn’t need to have a hybrid that then needed a new class hybrid like some people have stated. It would just be the superhybrid component and that’s it, kinda like tuojiangosaurus, a superhybrids components and that’s it, just an ingredient for a final. May finally be able to get a superhybrid for some of the older epics hybrids with no superhybrids like gamma or dimo

Azulux sounds like a cool concept but the kit shown just isn’t very good.

It doesn’t really have a hybrid problem. We know Epic+Rare can equal Unique, so Legendary+Rare, Legendary+Epic and Legendary+Legendary are all viable options as long as it’s not being fused with another non-hybrid (There’s no reason to fuse it with one of those unless you want an Apex hybrid).

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If it gets added,I’d get it easily.