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Creature ideas for 2.1 (fanmade)

  • Homalocephale | Common, Cunning, evasion

The first smallest dinosaur in the game! It cannot damage boost because it is too small. It has cunning strike, and Evasive impact. It has a 50% Stun Resistance effect.

Homalocephale has low hp, high speed, and fair attack.

  • Gigantosaurus gen 2 | Rare, Defense shattering, and rending

Gigantosaurus brother is here! It has defense shattering strike, Rending impact, and cunning rampage. So it has a 100% damage reduction resistance.

Like its bigger brother, it has a 40% critical chance, high attack and low speed.

  • Gigantosaurus | Epic Defense shattering, Rending and cleansing

Gigantosaurus has finally arrived. It gains cleansing strike, Defense Shattering Rampage and rending rampage. It has rending counter and 100% stun resistance.

Gigantosaurus has the same stats as its gen 2.


  • Deinogaia | Legendary Cleansing, And Evasion

Mixing the genes of deinonychus and megalogaia. It gains cleansing strike, sidestep, Cleasing impact, and Rampage and run. It cannot be swap prevented or stunned.

It has 10% armor, fast speed and high hp.

  • Alankyloantosaurus | Unique, Fast Cleasing, defense shattering and Distraction

Mixing the fusions of alankyosaurus and the mighty gigantosaurus. So, it has Slowing strike, Rampage, Defense shattering rampage, and last but not least, Revenge Cunning Impact. It can be stunned but not slowed.

Its speed is similar to alankylosaurus, but is a little faster.


  • Titanoceratops | Apex Raid-Exclusive Stunning and healing

The strongest herbivore is here! It has roar, Cunning rampage Stunning impact, and group shields. It is immune to all effects.

I hope you like them! This is not patch notes, its just an idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mortem Rex gen 2 rarity: unique, stats: level 21: health: 3000, damage: 1500, speed: 102

Abilities: definite strike, fierce impact, definite rampage

Yes my little bro is bit better

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I like it! @Mortem_Rex

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Do a your own fanmade patch notes

I made a topic about it

Not yet :slightly_smiling_face:!

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