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I have to give to Ludia a huge bravo for their decision to give us interesting information about every creature, existed or not . The unlock trivia are awesome!

Just a thought that could improve our knowledge for every creature ; give us the size , weight , food preferences and inhabitant areas for every creature . For many of them this information are known , but for others , the players have to guess.
For example the Nandagosaurus is classified as amphibian but it has a herbivore like beak . What does it eats ? Could someone from Ludia team spread some light to this ?

The most people that download the game are dinosaur fans that are interested to learn about dinosaurs. So , if you give them even more to learn about their favourite creatures, you could attract even more new players to the game . Think it a little …


All these additional information could be given with the help of holograms into creature enclosures. Imagine a human hologram, of natural size , near the enclosure’s creature , in order to show the size of the animal. Or an earth hologram showing where an existed creature used to live in the past . Holograms are one of original Jurassic world’s most notable ways of learning !

@Ned and @Keith , is it feasible for you to communicate with the people responsible for creature trivia , and ask them about Nandagosaurus feeding behaviour? (Is it possible a dinosaur with a herbivore beak to eat fish?) . Sorry if I become too pushy , I don’t want to tell you do something you can’t .

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Hey kingCRAGGERcroc, thank you for the suggestions!

I’m not a qualified dinosaur expert, but I think amphibians usually eat anything that moves. :fearful:

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And catch it with their teeth . But how is it possible with this one ?

They might have swallowed their prey whole. Perhaps their diet consists of slow-moving creatures on land as well. :thinking: Nundagosaurus also has very powerful legs, so their speed might not be too shabby. :smiley:

Do you think it can pick up something so easy with its beak ? Hard to believe , but nice thoughts !

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Hmm. That’s actually a great idea, the human hologram for size comparison. I’ve been reading some of the facts in the game and a lot of them are bigger and smaller than I expected but I wouldn’t mind having something to compare sizes.


And I like how they changed it in the last update where now, you can look at every dino facts without having to unlock all of their evolutions.


No he is right, before the last update you could see only the facts of evolutions you have unlocked.

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