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Creature Level Reset Event

So the Boost Shuffle Event was really awesome. Since updates change certain dinos moves and abilities, it was nice to invest in the ones we like, rather than having to leave our hard earned boosts in dinos we don’t want to have them in. So can’t we do the same with creature levels and the coins and DNA it took to get them there? Just once? At least have it as an option. For one week. I think that would give everyone enough time. But again, since updates change certain aspects of our dinos, we might want to redirect our efforts to other dinos. I suggest this be an option for a limited time where we can drop any dino back down in increments of one level at a time, with the ability to drop them all the way down to level one. Including fused dinos. And that we get the coins and DNA back for what it cost to get them there, with NO penalty for DNA or coins. I’m sure if enough of us speak up about it, they will oblige. Hopefully. Thoughts???

but that could easily be exploited
turning a tyranno g1 to lvl 1
You get a bunch of extra dna
so if you had a lvl 11 t.rex
you could get it to lvl 15

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