Creature limits

I did some math well because that’s what I do… imagine they increased all the level caps to be open. So we could do whatever the AI does in terms of matchups, like say this:

Now let’s take the Trop in the middle at level 2,664 and you think “man I would really like to make something like that”.

But what would it take to make something like that?

Currently for the game you need double the creatures of the previous level to create the next level 10 so in order to create a level 2,664 you would need to aim at lvl 2,670 which means you would need 2^266 copies of the creature which is an astronomical number of them 1.1857 E+80!!!
That’s 1,185,700,000,000,000,000,000,000, + 60 more zeros.
Edit: had to look it up because I was curious so that’s one septenvigintillion, one hundred eighty-five sexvigintillion, seven hundred quinvigintillion and some change since I am rounding.

Which would cost you just in DNA to get them about 2.134E+82 DNA now imagine the food cost + the fuse cost.

Not to mention I think the theoretical max you could do with the current size of paddocks is a level 120 so imagine how big the paddock would need to be to be able to do that lvl 2,670 creature, imagine how long you would need to scroll!!!


I deleted my post from the other thread as not to derail that thread so I put it here.


How helpful would level 120 common creatures really be? Or would they be helpful, this is as high as you could make it with the paddock limited to 12 creatures currently @Aether_12. This is a genuine question to discuss.

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Are you sure level 120 is as high as you can go? I’m going to do some math right now but I feel like you can get higher…

Edit: Okay yes you’re right. Level 120’s the cap.

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Commons would not be that helpful I dont think, however a level 120 super rare would be, I feel like this could be implemented pretty easy by ludia as it is already within the coding

But what if the additional copies were not need after a certain level and fusion was just done with say for instance level 80 labyrinthodontia + dna cost of that level 80 +fusion cost, this could combat the full paddock issue

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That doesn’t solve the astronomical DNA issue. Do you know how much DNA is needed to make a level 80 labyrinthodonta? 2^7 = 128 copies went into that thing, that’s 128 * 130 = 16,640. That’s for level 80. Double that every time you evolve to the next level. Do you really want to go above 120 now?

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Bring it on :wink: :facepunch:

In all seriousness I would not like to take a creature to that level no, but it would be nice if we wasnt limited to level 40 imo

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Well where do you want the limit to be then? You gotta draw the line somewhere. I think the level 40 might’ve been intentional in that a level 40 common is around the same as, if not worse than, a level 1 legendary. I think that was the effect they wanted, since there were 4 rarities when the game started.

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Lmao I always get spooked with these guys’ blue glow, it’s like their spirit is coming to haunt us saying “you forgot us and left us for those Tournament creatures! Face us eye to eye now!”

I was trying to do some math on how a creature might progress but it must chnage in some way after level 40, since the math I did at level say 430 an Alanqa would have stats of 10,872 Health and 3,974 Attack if it followed the same path in terms of its progression path from lvl 10 - lvl 40 so something changes at some point the way they calculate the levels since the level 2,664 in the picture up above has basically the same stats ferocity wise ~24,000

More maths:

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Honestly? Do you think they even keep track of this? They might’ve just randomly come up with a level and made up stats with the correct health:attack ratio

there is math hidden behind it somewhere the trick is finding it :slight_smile: without knowing what you are looking for specifically. I am fairly certain they are not making up a level each time the system generates a creature, there has to be a math equation of some sort behind it, other wise it would be a random number generated every time.

Wait what’s the ferocity progression of dinos from 10 to 40? Is it linear or quadratic or what?

Think of the cooldown factors…

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You hurt my brains

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10 Nervous Systems

Interesting point, always tought the same but when you do the math is crazy the amount of dna it would take for a single one