Creature name suggestions

Will be there names

Who gets the best prey?

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Terry :arrow_down:
Simon :arrow_down:
Jerry :arrow_down:

Needs a name

Indy or Angel.

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Alita maybe

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Cross this out since it’s my indoms name

Ok then, how about Salka?

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Ender (from Minecraft enderman)

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Is the one (1000)

Any ideas?

I call mine Abaddon

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Could be named red

(And no my tyrannolophosaur isn’t also named red)


Can it be something that is not like the creatures name?

I want something unique (Pun)

How About Iron?

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Nice but let’s see others suggestions

How about Chlorus? If you weren’t using the red skin, it would reference the green color of the creature.

Fits since there’s none better

But there all good