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Creature nerf ideas

Obviously some creatures need nerfs. I’ll start with testa.


Testa already had a small nerf. Skoona should have a nerf, it’s overpowered

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Skoona should as well, but testa is still way too strong


This nerf makes testa even more trash than it was before it got buffed…


Here’s my skoona nerf. It’s still viable, but not OP


That Testa nerf is waaay overkill. Like I get that it’s annoying, but you’re literally nerfing it into the ground and then some.


Ludia did a great job at balancing Testacornibus and they’ve earned most players appreciation.
It’s been one of the few times I can remember in 3 years when they balanced a creature and it’s still playable. It usually was the case, that every creature they balanced was rendered completely useless. So you would never play it again.

The last balance attempt was quite good actually. Cera, Testa are easy to deal with now. Perhaps Hadros is the one that was more negatively impacted. For an Apex.
Hadros and Testa may very well end up being replaced from top teams in favour of the newest more busted uniques. But for most mortals, they’re still playable.

Regarding Testa, if you struggle dealing with it…it probably means that you do not have a balanced team. You may need to improve your team building decisions.

Some SS that illustrate my point :crazy_face:

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I actually don’t think they quite did enough going off the skill tournament, but they certainly have improved things. For the most basic change I’d have it’s swap-prevention resistance completely removed since it can usually stall to get two attempts at swapping out against something like Grypolyth.

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Yeah I think I went too far lol but it still needs some form of small nerf