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Creature of the Month - July

Shouldn’t it have been changed by now? or is it usually the first Monday of the month?

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They’ll probably reveal it as late as last time, next monday

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it was still June when this week happened. It will change over next week.

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Happy Cake Day!

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Can the creature of the month be brachiosaurus

I think we have enough Brachi for some time, thank you

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It’s the first Monday of the month unless there’s a Canadian holiday. I believe they had one?

Independence Day but that was Wednesday? @Dragonclaw927

Yeah that is correct… And my votes go to… Grypo, Allo g2, Mammoth.

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Independence Day (USA) is tomorrow, July 4
Canada Day was July 1st, which was tuesday, so idk why we don’t know anything yet, since it’s been 2 days since.

Although they often don’t tell us literally until the morning of the first monday of the new month

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They change on the first Monday after the new month usually.

Yeah and since Monday was still June… But yeah they been taking longer to announce what it is though.