[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | April 2020 - Titanoboa

Hello fellow DPG members,

Starts: April 06, 2020

Ends: May 04, 2020

Slithering into April is the Titanoboa! This Epic creature will take center stage in your Daily Missions. Complete them daily to collect DNA!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think May’s Creature of the Month will be?!


OH yes!
Thank you!


Now I’ll just need Spinosaurus DNA to make the unique snake

I started working on Spinoconstrictor last week, time to FIP something else!

i’m with you there. I won’t be able to get any for a while other than FIPs.

I hope mammoth in the next month


Yeaaaaahhh!! Now i can focus Sanc bits on something else

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Oh wait… April Fools! It’s actually Concavenator! Awesome right guys? Err, guys?


Ludia:Gives us a good daily reward

Forum conspiracy theorists:Those folks are up to something

Thanks for this great reward though, really helps in this current situation


Titanoboa, yes

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Really don’t care.


I’ve been ignored daily mission reward for whole 2 months

Guess it’s time to get out of my hibernation :wink:

Increased drone range, giga scents and dart packs, new creatures being global, Titanoboa as daily reward… Ludia, it seems that you care about community again! Thank you! There’s one more thing to do: balancing the arena!


I guess I can level my Constrictor, but this is about 2 months late. FIPs wasted and the creature is useless.

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Aw man, this would have to come right after I wasted so many FIPs trying to get Spinoco… Guess I can hope for another hybrid or a buff.

Finally gonna unlock Constrictor.
Thanks for that, I guess.

that damage nerf hit hard im assuming?

Unlike most people, I haven’t unlocked the epic snake yet. This will go nicely with my diloph G2

Yay! Awesome news!

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