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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | April 2021 - Tsintaosaurus

Hello fellow DPG members!

Starts: April 05, 2021

Ends: May 03, 2021

Bouncing into April is the Tsintaosaurus! This Epic creature will take center stage in your Daily Missions. Complete them daily to collect DNA!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think May’s Creature of the Month will be?!


Don’t know it well enough to be excited about it already got lux para and tuora

Well, its better than alanqa


Its nice to have for epic raids but without a hybrid there’s not much to say about it to be honest.

A new creature as the creature of the month? This is interesting.


Always down to get free DNA for new creatures, so I’m fine with this Month!


Yes. We get a new creature for the creature of the month this is so epic
Pun intended

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It is acceptable

Good very good

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It’s great for future hybrids.


This will be a great opportunity For those that can’t beat this weeks epic boss strike

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Having a recently added creature as our Daily Mission award seems nice.

Really? Ugh.


A creature that looks promising as far as getting hybrids goes and one of which people won’t have a lot of DNA saved up already. Not bad.


Come on, I did not finished yet creating the monolorhino and this new dinosaur will be on the daily tasks. So sad…

Makes me laugh when people complain about a newly released creature being the daily creature. It makes me laugh because it shows me how many people only care about their current team (or creatures they are progressing) rather than thinking outside the tiny box to the future.

i.e. that future when it gets a hybrid and they’ll be glad they got it as a daily creature.


Or now with the testa championship

Like people said the exact same thing with tenrex like “why this it sucks” and look at it now


I do not agree with this creature of the month … if they were going to place one of the new creatures they would have better put the Rinchenia which is more difficult to find for most (thanks ludia) … about that this creature could have a good hybrid … that’s the point, no one knows that or can be sure 🤷 (I’m already seeing some arrogant ones) and who knows the time … coff … scutosaurus … time dedicated to another creature that already has a hybrid and we need dna…They should put a vote every month with 5 creatures to choose from and that the community decides … (maybe don’t touch the dino we want, but at least we’ll have more control over choosing the creature of the month)

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Time to get a monstrous epic healer

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Surely you will have a hybrid in the future, and that is why this reward is good.

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