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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | April 2021 - Tsintaosaurus

That hybrid might also not be useful, it’s hard to say without knowing what it is.
I don’t think this dino is bad as the daily quest reward btw, certainly better than Dinos like Ouranosaurus.

I will put this here: Tsintao isn’t what I would have wanted but it is what my son likes and has asked me many times to request for, so not going to complain considering Ludia has had a few duds for CoM.

Why it will not be the continental trio is quite simple, not all months are the same. Some months are 4 weeks and others 5. Ludia months not actual calendar months. So having Rinchenia this month and Strut another makes those living in Asia at an advantage since they can get more Strut DNA than Europeans can get Rin DNA so there is an unfairness.

Fixing it to be 4 week months might work but if Rin/Strut/Stego get a hybrid, it favours which ever has been CoM or will be CoM first.

There is no right answer for CoM that would make most players happy since some players need very different things from others. I would not want a Brachi month or a Kentro month since both DNA are not what I need and only serve as donations.

Why are people complaining about this? This is awesome! There are still people who haven’t even seen this thing in the wild, let alone have it leveled to 15 and have some extra 3k stashed away. This is waaaay better than what most are trash talking about. Why must we complain? It’s more DNA to hoard.


yeah its not that bad since its bound to get a hybrid, and its new, so while others complain about it being the worst since it has no use and doesn’t have a hybrid, I’ll just hoard as much as I can for when she does get a hybrid

yeah. There were Epics that didn’t get a hybird in the past, yet some people still didn’t complain. So it puzzles me as to why this is any different.

Honestly this is pretty bad unless the update gives tsino a hybrid

its not horrible, every non hybrid and regular hybrid is bound to get a hybrid/superhybrid eventually, so its not as terrible as some say it is because it has no hybrid or is considered useless

Didn’t know it existed. Cool, new creature to collect!

Nice to see a new Epic as a creature of the month. :+1:


I rather have diplodocus dna than tsintaosaurus

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This Dinosaur: I’m a great support for epic raids!

Edmontoguanodon: Sorry, that’s spots already taken… by me.

I’m sorry to all those who think otherwise but it is just so true.

Not gonna lie it’s pretty bad. I’d rather have struthiomimus

I rather have Mammoth DNA or Rhino again and again.

We can’t always have what we want now can we?

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Strut/Rin/Steg shouldn’t be daily rewards since they bias one region over the other 2 due to Ludia’s very bad way of counting what is 1 month.

They can be event dinos or best rotated monthly to ensure everyone gets a chance to farm them.

We need COVID to disappear before most of us get to DART it

We need giga scents to spawn more Epics. Also for Ludia to realise Covid will never go away so no point trying to remove Covid measures.


So far I don’t like it, people say it’s good as a support for epic raids but edmontoguanodon can do it better and is pretty simple to obtain. But I will hang on to it because it probably will get a legendary or unique hybrid in the upcoming months.

I’m okay with it, especially when it’s bound to get a hybrid eventually. I’d rather have this than some other dino not on my team anyway.

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Tsin plays a different role than Eddie, which can increase damage and can cause huge regeneration for everyone, but he has no speed control. Let’s expect a hybrid with the same or better abilities.

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I think it’s not bad If it’s gonna have a future hybrid. As for the next month’s creature I like Kentrosaurus