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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | August 2020 - Sinoceratops

Happy Friday DPG members,

Starts: August 03, 2020
Ends: September 07, 2020

Coming through with its hard head this August is the Sinoceratops! Complete your daily missions to collect this Epic creature’s DNA all month.

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think September’s Creature of the Month will be?!





More Sino is always welcome

I’ll take it. Still want to get Utasinoraptor to level 30, regardless of how she fares in the arena now.

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The better to level up my utarinex with

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Thanks. I need Sino.


I believed Ludia will surprise me so I didn’t claim the deer.

I got surprised indeed. Silly me


You can never have too much sino, this will make advantage tourneys easier

I’m not frustrated about Sino as I can get my Utarinex to lvl 30, but of all the months to pick when it will have 5 WEEKS instead of 4.

I’ll be glad to see something new after 5 weeks.

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Are y’all really using Rinex or Thor? Why?

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You mean why are we not sheep and use the same thing as everyone else?

My Utarinex does very well for my team.


Sheep? No, there are many uniques viable now. Much more than in 1.14.

But Rinex and Thor still aren’t among these

Mine does too, even though it is still lvl21 and unboosted, it packs a punch

I would say that rhinex is very good. With resilient moves being commonplace and having instant charge, rhinex is good. The speed buff helps as well as well as the crit buff. And with the downfall of Immunity, rhinex is poised to be really good.


Ha ha ha I guess being a great big whinge on the forum gets you what you want. I’ve been whinging about how I never got “All The Sino” that everyone complains about. Complaining works! What next…

Thyla needs a nerf!

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I hope you don’t mean it


Well considering how procera needed to be nerfed only because it was epic and killing uniques, yes thyla should also be nerfed. It makes perfect sense.


Very good? How? He gets crushed by most meta uniques. Even poor Indoraptor and Erlidom can beat him