[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | December 2019

Hello fellow DPG members,

Stars : December 02, 2019
Ends : January 13, 2019

Striking its way into December is Blue! Be as good as a hunter as this intelligent dino by collecting this Epic tank’s DNA daily!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think January’s Creature of the Month will be?!


Yay, nice :slight_smile:

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Are they serious? They made IndoG2 insufferable, they nerfed our one potential counter, and now they’re giving everyone 1400 IndoG2 DNA? This game…


Sweeeeet!!! Thanks Ludia!!

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Ludiaraptor G2 :upside_down_face:


5 whole weeks of Blue! :smiley:


I like indo G2 but… come on


this much blue dna being given out recently doesn’t bode well for arena balance. Indo g2 is going to be a nightmare.


And then next 2 patches they’re gonna monomimus it instead of giving cs a proper nerf


that is exactly why i haven’t boosted it yet. i’m waiting for it to be balanced before i decide to. Doing the same with any OP dino.


I’m not boosting at all! Just to be safe

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I like how they refer to this raptor as an epic tank :rofl:.


well, she does have armor and shield.


Come on.
@Stiffeno’s gonna be all over this.
Well, I suppose it’s good for anyone who doesn’t have it at team level yet.
Rare as Blue DNA was, that was kinda the point. I was looking forward to something fresh.


Ill beat him to it…

Monetization Raptor season officially kicks off on cyber monday… where you can get a deals on coins.
But wait there is more… indom g2 incubator in the store so you can fuse your blue dna from the alliance missions without leaving your couch.

Ready for the real kicker? Monday boost sale as well. Not an actual sale mind you there still full price. But you can immediately apply them to your monetization raptor instead of waiting till Wednesday.


Is indoraptor g2 better than proceratominus???
I want to use it, probably replacing procera

Every useful epic should get a chance to be creature of the month, and so does blue. The fact that it’s the ingredient of a “to be nerfed” legendary doesn’t mean it can’t be COTM. You guys just don’t wanna see indo2 in the arena. Understood.
I don’t wanna see rat in the arena. Doesn’t mean all dracorex/triceratops gen 2 should disappear from the map. It just means rat should be nerfed.
I don’t wanna see lvl30 thors. Doesn’t mean Sinoceratops should be extinct and tarbo should become a Monday-dawn-only spawn.

It just means the creature is overpowered. Complain where you should complain.
Besides, whatever create people desperately want, they will get. If Blue isn’t COTM, everyone will spam it in sanctuaries like they do now.


Wasn’t Blue already done before as a daily mission epic?

interesting that after they nerf indoraptor gen 2, they give away blue.
then they nerf ardentismaxima and give brachi for alliance missions.

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Awesome! Also stop complaining. Before blue got a hybrid, you got mad because it was useless dna, and now it’s got a hybrid and you complain it’s giving OP DNA? Well at least it’s dna that’s really hard to get, so yea. Don’t take it out on blue, I get you don’t wanna see Indo Gen2 in the arena. I don’t wanna see procera either, this doesn’t mean proceratosaurus And ornithomimus should dissapear from the map and incubators, it means procera should be nerfed. Be grateful you got useful dna that was “useless” before.