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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | December 2019

No. It was Alanqa, T Rex, Ankylosaurus, Erlikosaurus, Smilidon, Ouranosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Pteranodon And Carbonemys.

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The way Ludia work is beyond belief.

It’s clear indoraptor gen2 is the most op creature in the game now with a basic move that defies any logic whatsoever. I would list all that crazy op move will do but the internet isn’t big enough!

So let’s have everyone and his wife building up this Dino to create an arena that is just full of the very Dino that is gonna upset everyone more than the rat did.

And the only real counter for it is … yeah you guessed it… another more boosted Indoraptor gen2, so let’s have boosts for sale today!

The lengths they will go to…


think of how many coins they’ll sell though, before the nerf it really hard next update and make it obsolete


You’re right!

And I do believe there is a coin sale on as I write.

Funny that…

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I’m also don’t like Thor. He is big, beeffy stupid guy needed no intelligence to play him at all. But he doesn’t cause any troubles, if he is unboosted and your team level or very close to it.

He is just to easy to obtain because of only one Epic DNA in his hybridization process. Even if Sino DNA was needed for the last stage (200 DNA per fuse) it would helps a lot. So we meet overlevelled and overboosted beast, still lacking intelligence, but in this way he doesn’t need it at all.

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je pence que allosaure, gen2 serra bien pour: le, mois, de, janvier, 2020.

41 days remaining. That would be January 13. Nice.

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Translated from French

i think allosaurus, gen2 will be fine for: the, month, of, january, 2020.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

Hmm shouldn’t it be till the 6th? Otherwise the next dino gets screwed out of a week.

…I can sense a BIG nerf to Indor2. Especially now that the DNA is no longer classified as ‘ultra rare’ anymore.


Yes, but it will not be until users have spent enough coin to level it up and HC on boosting it. THEN, the nerf hammer will fall.

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Of course Blue deserves to be COTM. I don’t mind more players getting access to Indo G2, it’s just that I’d rather work on something I don’t already have. I’m just a little disappointed.

Oh well, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the new creatures after the update than we did of Carbo after the last. Fingers crossed.

Well it’s not about you :slight_smile: everyone needs something.

Diplodocus again pls, or make more events about it. Two weeks of FIP barely make 1.6k. With a fouled luck dna fusing won’t get geminititan anywhere before Tokyo Olympic games. We are talking about 200 epic exclusive DNA per fuse!

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Well, there’s a difference between a)complaining and b)being disappointed and getting on with it. I think.
Anyway I’m not really trying to make a point anymore, so make of this what you will.

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Right. But one Tenontorex to dart back in March was gamebreaking.

Oh, Ludia.

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  1. Create a crazy OP dinosaurs everyone would want.
  2. Give away it’s componants (just enough to unlock it, more customers that way)
  3. Swim in cash as you sell boosts, coins and it’s other componants for the next year.
  4. Once the sales dry up Monomimus it for ‘arena balance’ XD

We’ve been expecting you.

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Thats funmy I was expecting this hahaha =D


Unfortunately now that Indo2 will be on every single team in the game driving sales any chance of having CS balanced just went out the window.

But hey at least the buff to CS just made a whole lot of sense, balance killing sure, but more appealing to a potential buyer.

Profitable Service Announcement -
Are you angry your rat was nerfed and stole your Rategy? Well do we have an offer for you, now you can play…without playing!

How you ask? Ahh im glad you asked mate, you see we have just introduced a new dinosaur called “IncomeRaptor Gen2”, and with its awesome Caution Strike ability you can win matches without actually being there! Just open with IncomeRaptor Gen2 and turn your phone off, the AI will take over and continue mashing CS over and over for the win!

Never again deal with difficult to learn tactics like Rategy that involved advanced “Swap in DInosaur” tactics!

Also sales of everything coming to a store near you! (at full price since you will buy it regardless)