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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | December 2020 - Woolly Mammoth

Hey hey DPG members,

Starts: December 07, 2020

Ends: January 04, 2021

Stomping its way into December is the Woolly Mammoth! Bundle up and stay warm when collecting this Epic tank’s DNA daily!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think the first Creature of the Month will be in 2021?!


I read whoolly and my first thought was YES RHINO

then I got sad because it’s just Mammoth. :frowning:


Rhino was already there in january :wink:
Mmmhm mammoth.There is plenty of hybrids,even if i am not a huge fan,it is still ok.
Maybe one day,i will start using these 25k+ DNA.

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sweet. i actually need a lot more mammoth.
now if i can get myself motivated enough to finish my daily missions.


WHY do you HATE Grypo so much?! :sob:


Yay! Thank you! :smiley:


Great choice not that I need it as I’ve already got the only useful mammoth hybrid to 30 already.

Ugh. Bummer wave.

I know, but Mammoth spawns wild while Rhino doesn’t.


Wait, I actually called it!

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I can’t do the quote from other topic lol

We take those. Big win.

I mean a few decent hybrids, and mammolania is nice

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That’s cool. Might be working towards Mammolania then :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good, rly bulky and great at popping pesky speedsters like indo


This begs the question since it uses Wooly Mammoth. Why is Entelolania so horrid? It is arguably the worst unique to have on your team.

Poukan says hi, I actually think Lania could be given a set up and then chip away, Thors are gonna hurt him tho