[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | December 2020 - Woolly Mammoth

Yay! Thank you! :smiley:


Great choice not that I need it as I’ve already got the only useful mammoth hybrid to 30 already.

Ugh. Bummer wave.

I know, but Mammoth spawns wild while Rhino doesn’t.


Wait, I actually called it!

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I can’t do the quote from other topic lol

We take those. Big win.

I mean a few decent hybrids, and mammolania is nice

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That’s cool. Might be working towards Mammolania then :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good, rly bulky and great at popping pesky speedsters like indo


This begs the question since it uses Wooly Mammoth. Why is Entelolania so horrid? It is arguably the worst unique to have on your team.

Poukan says hi, I actually think Lania could be given a set up and then chip away, Thors are gonna hurt him tho

Entelolania dearly needs help.

oh no… why
we have it as raid already
couldn’t you pick another that we barely see, all these other dinos ingame

YES. Im gonna get my mamolania to lv 30

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How is mammoth bad. It makes one of the best creatures in the game and one of about 3 that can kill both hadros and ceramagnus

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People have been wanting mammoth for months now it has one of the best uniques in the game at the moment plus a great legendary


Never said it was bad. Just not what I wanted.

Probably good for new players, but not really interested now that we have two new exclusives. Could be much worse though.

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