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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | February 2020

Then please explain it. I have read this thread and all I see is unwarranted negativity over something trivial.

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that right there shows you have no clue what is going on or why people are upset. you clearly have not read anything as there are posts that clearly layout why people are upset

if you cant clearly see the writing on the wall, then there’s no reason to bother explaining to you, you’ve already made up your mind based on bias.

I started playing at launch, so I’ve been playing long before daily missions and alliances. Since I’m used to that, I almost don’t care about the DNA rewards. Almost. I won’t stop playing over this, but of course it would be nice to have Irritator, Pteranodon, Epic Anky, Kentro, Indom Gen 2, Purutaurus, Titanoboa, or Rexy instead :wink:

Now I am home from work I can sit down and do a decent response.

I have read this thread. I have followed it from the beginning. I am also not biased so I don’t know where that has come from.

The main bone of contention is that for many this isn’t a hard to get dinosaur. Baryonyx is an Epic dinosaur that spawns globally at all times of the day and night. I get that and I understand that some players may feel frustrated that it has become the daily rewards when there are much better and harder to get DNA out there. I get that.

Now, let’s look at this from a different point of view.

Just because (presumably) you and I don’t need anymore Baryonyx DNA doesn’t mean that newer players won’t. Perhaps Ludia have plans to move Baryonyx to a different spawning time or place. Maybe they will add some new hybrids based off of it to the game and this gives you some extra DNA to get them? Newer players might want that DNA and not everything is meant for the long time player base.

Secondly, the daily rewards swap every two weeks now. Does two weeks of some less desirable really get people riled up? Some people have said that they won’t bother doing the daily missions because of this. Really? The daily missions give coins and hard cash for just playing the game. Who gives up on that because the free DNA at the end of the day isn’t something overly spectacular?

Also, why am I biased? I’ve been playing since launch and I have a level 20 Baryonyx before this reward set appeared. I still happily collect it from the daily missions and from the wild.

They swap every two weeks? Nevermind, I thought you were talking about the Daily Missions, not the Alliance Rewards

It’s not a 2 week reward. It’s called creature of the month for a reason.
But really, when you finally have your postimetrodon to 15, you should have saved up quite a lot of bary to get fusing. It’s that easy to get and just because Ludia “might” turn it into another hybrid doesn’t mean it’s nice to have 25k of it today.
We’ve gotten a good reward for a whole year now and we got used to something useful that we want to finish our dailies for. Now there’s no reason to bother. The game just became more boring, and it’s already deteriorating.
Sorry Colin, but I agree with Mzumbo, you don’t seem to understand the issue.

be sure that i have respect for you, for your difficult position towards ludia.

However, the daily rewards are not mentioned anywhere as for 2 weeks.

Personally, I find that Ludia has progressed since the fiasco of 1.7.
However the generation of more and more exclusive, the fact that the week scheduls are global spawn since january and the fact that the titanoboa is less findable than hybrids (I found 3 today, 0 titano, I do not call it an event) makes people frustrated and tired of the game.

I think that Ludia should rework on the old hybrids and continue to give interest to the old creatures already present in the game (like NO ESCAPE or dig in) at the same time as adding new content.

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I hold my hand up. I got them the wrong way around. :blush: My bad. Been a long day.

I can share the frustration with hidden exclusives and the current Titanoboa situation. I just have to hope that Valentine’s day will see an option so that everyone can get the snake. I would rather see exclusives cease being so, especially if new exclusives come into the game. One in and one out sort of thing.

They could have just made it Kentro or even Raja this month and nobody would have complained.


I mean for mid arena players like me he’s really good

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I think this hits the nail on the head. We have had great DNA for a good while. This time we get something not so good so people are understandably not happy. As I say, I get this. I still hold to the point that any free DNA is good DNA. Variety is always good and not everything will be geared the majority of the playerbase. We’ve come to expect good epic DNA and we didn’t get it.

Agreed, and I’d be very happy with some more Rajasaurus. But this point of yours emphasises the problem. The players didn’t get what they wanted so they moan and complain. It feels like, with no disrespect intended towards anyone, as though there is a sense of entitlement here where none exists. I’m also not saying that players should just take what is thrown at them, but a short duration of Baryonyx DNA isn’t worth the negativity floating around again.

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The player base has entitlement in the sense that if you don’t keep them happy, they will leave.

Agreed, however there are more important things to get upset about than which Epic dinosaur is the reward for the month. That’s what I’m saying.

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Of course, it’s just a game. But all the reactions here say something.

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I want Titanoboa for this next months creature. :snake:


Give us the new picture if your gonna give us bary!

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I need Barionix to evolve Tryostomix, so it’s worth it, while I don’t atnate higher levels that’s enough for me. Here I speak for myself.

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Titanoboa? You mean the sanctuary exclusive that makes the shiny new unique everyone wants? We hear ya loud and clear. Enjoy your Concavenator!


Can we get Grypo for once? It’s not featured in events often. I’d like to see the gator as the daily. If it’s the snake that’s cool too though.