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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | February 2020

This is SO DISAPPOINTING. The Alliance rewards have been absolutely terrible for months now – anyone who plays daily can access most of those dinos on the map – and now the daily reward is just as uninspired. On top of how much useless DNA is in most incubators, this is really disheartening.

I feel extra stupid for being foolish enough to pay a monthly subscription for this. =\ Where’s the value?

There’s so much you guys need to do to make this product more valuable to your customers. Really disappointed. I should see what’s up in the Pokemon world these days.


ludia your a joke !, way to go push more players away with crap rewards again


I try as much as possible to see the positive in things, but I’m actually really disappointed with this. :frowning:

At least I was able to collect the last of my Woolly Rhino DNA last night.

I’m still excited about the epic snake coming. I hope she’s not too hard to find.

Hmmm…I just thought of something. What if the epic snake is next month’s creature. Supposedly St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Lol :wink:


I am not excited. Judging by the other remarks many of us are not excited.

Baryonyx is only needed for one dinosaur and that is Tryostronix a legendary creature.
Tryostronix also shares resources with MagnaPyritor in the rare Dimetrodon. So we want to invest our resources in something that is end game material.
Now granted Tryostronix is a very good legendary creature but it is not final end game material. Nor does Baryonyx DNA lead to us getting a nice shiny green hued Unique dinosaur.
Then of course it is now a world epic, we have gotten it in many different reward forms.
Many of us have collected more than enough Baryonyx DNA to complete Tryostronix to level 30. It only takes about 26000.
Also, I think I would like to see Maisaura in March.


i like that…it’s a crab!

I really think they mock us on purpose :joy::joy::joy:


Hmmm…I have another thought. Tryostronix (I call her Trixie) doesn’t have a hybrid. What if there is a unique hybrid coming? :flushed: I didn’t think that Spinosaurus was getting one and regretted not darting more of her. I may not want to ignore Baryonyx. She might laugh at us one day. :grimacing:

A Tryostronix hybrid would be awesome by the way. I hope this happens. :crossed_fingers:

If not, I will still be disappointed. :disappointed_relieved:

Tryostronix is already a superhybrid. It won’t get another hybrid. If anything, they’re probably preparing us for when/if Baryonyx gets a unique hybrid.


Doubt it. How many of us have been waiting for Alankylosaurus to get a unique and yet here we are lol


Nope… Bad call… worse dino of the month ever . Why does it have to be a leap year?! Can we vote to change this?

Barykylosaurus lol.

Superiority Strike
Ready to Crush
Long Invincibility
Definite Rampage

On-Escape Dust cloud

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Not wrong about that. Just gotta have a little hope with this company.

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I wouldn’t mind that especially with all that dna that I have.

All i can do is cross my fingers

I’m ready for it. Lol :smile: Unless it requires it to be level 20. Then I have more work to do.

I was wondering if I should have collected the Rhino DNA before the change, now I regret not doing it.


I’m hoping March will have something awesome as the Creature of the Month. My birthday is that month, so that would be a nice gift.


I actually need bary dna, so I am going to love this.

I was worried about this too. My daily missions were on an alternate pattern the past few days (the daily battle incubator would rotate every other day). So I knew Sunday’s should be without it. So I planned the strike tower schedule around it (mine resets at 9PM Pacific Coast time). I was so worried about not having enough incubators to open (free incubator and strike towers gave me 5 out of the 6 I needed). Luckily I had my back up incubators just in case something like this should happen. It was a stressful evening to say the least.

I really wish Woolly Rhino’s time was extended. I think a lot of players still need her.


I regret not doing it now, my thoughts were that it would be Titanoboa or something that was good, so I made the tough decision and decided to wait. But no, Ludia said no. Now I don’t really have to worry about finishing my Daily Mission or not.