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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | February 2021 - Carbonemys


Thanks for giving us plenty of notice of the new creature to give us time to decide whether to collect TRex or wait for the new creature… oh wait you didn’t.

Comms still rubbish I see.


Hopefully can get this bad boy to level 30 this month.


cries in spino g2
I mean carbo is fine-only for smilonemys
But-wanted something else anyway(like spino G2)

Nice I like it. I will now finish Carbotops.

Now time to give all the turtles some buffs lol.


I can now finally return in making smilocephalosaurus

ummm could we have something good in march (not saying that carbo is bad i love it) but its my birth month so mabye allo gen 2 or secodontasaurus or wholly rhino

This is basically the final straw for me. I’m now planning to go 90% inactive until the next update. Solid work Ludia.


Well, my cat is mad

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I do need some more Carbonemys so this is good. :slight_smile: :turtle:

I wanted Blue, Spio gen 2 maby for next month.

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Nemys and Testa may get better… let’s hope so. Right now they’re bad, thus Carbo dna is pretty bad


Yes please! Lol

And where did you get all the Nasuto?! That’s my hold up right now. Even though I did max out Testa…

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Testi is actually pretty good just under utilized rn.

straight garbage from a dumpster fire

I can’t believe that they decide to throw carbo at us for 2 weeks when it’s already creature of the month. It doesn’t even fit the theme here. Should’ve been Anky for 2 weeks, but they don’t wanna see us win.


Well at least smilonemys is gonna get some levels up

Maybe a an accident that they put that instead of anky

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Effect of the pursuits I went pretty crazy on them including when nasuto was introduced and put on the map with allo g2. Hunted it quite hard the other pursuit too lol. Then there was a tourney for it and I think I landed top 50 in :slight_smile:

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I use Carbo to level up… oh well, Carbo itself for non-hybrid epic tour

I am hoping it is eucladoceros for march