[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | February 2022 - Sonorasaurus

Happy February DPG members!

Starts: February 02, 2022
Ends: March 02, 2022

Walking into this love month is the Sonorasaurus! Don’t let its resilience stop you from collecting this sauropod’s heart and DNA daily!

Are you lovestruck? What do you think March’s Creature of the Month will be?



Some Nice DNA, Might be able to push Lv30 this month

Finally some good dna thanks ludia!

Meh. If you have a max skoona this is nothing to be excited for. Granted it’s exclusive which is always a plus.

What’s up with the next AC though? Let’s see what these tournaments and restrictions are. We know it’s the Para thing but let’s see the layout.


True i want to see that too.


im hoping next month will be Gryposuchus

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I was hoping antarctopelta!!!

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Why sono well it’s good to fuse skoono but I’m not even close to getting it

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Awesome! I can guarantee a 29 skoona this month, maybe 30 if fuses are good


We got it for the month of Aug’21.
Why would they will give it again in a short period.


Not to miss, a worthy daily DNA reward which is also event exclusive!
Good for lower level people to build skoona.

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This is great for me. I wonder how long until I get back up to 100 DNA per missions.

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The new schedule made it so that’s only viewable Wednesday/

Why the dailies still reset MONDAY is beyond me though.


For March I want Ouranosaurus or Sinoceratops

Yeah I know. It’s stupid


I am so incredibly happy! THANK YOU!

yaaaaay finally!!

We just had one a few months before. Why do we do this again?

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Bolota seria bom o próximo