[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | January 2020

Hello fellow DPG members,

Starts : January 13, 2020
Ends : February 03, 2020

Stomping its way into January is the Woolly Rhino! Bundle up when going out to collect this Epic tank’s DNA daily!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think February’s Creature of the Month will be?!

Woolly Rhino


Sweet! This will hopefully help me get the unique!

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Only 3 weeks of rhino? Why was blue extended another week? I’ll still take it but still.


I can stop FIPing it now - L20 10/250 :slightly_smiling_face:

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2200 DNA. I’ll take it.

I am conflicted. I am happy that it is rhino. But also very upset that it got the shortened month. I think I’d much rather have it for February.


Hyped for Rhino. Sad that it’s going to be for only 3 weeks…


Great reward. Thanks.
But could we get a bit longer of a reward time? We had so many weeks of Blue, I’d hate to not get a full month of Rhino because of that.


@E.D can we have the rhino a full 4 weeks since we had extra Blue for no apparent reason? Can this even out?


Pretty good. Would like to add Monolorhino to my collection.

Give us the Rhino for the 3 weeks in January, and then all of February since it’s a shortened month… then March can be a fresh start at the beginning for something else. :pray:


Very unfair that it doesn’t get an extension, but this is what I wanted most…

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But Feb is 29 days this year! Think of the imbalance!


Perhaps they could release it in the wild also while it is the daily reward. This would make up for the shortened reward time.


I’m very pleased with this, but is anyone actually surprised that they give us a very useful dino for the shortened month due to the holidays? Of course not, this is Ludia we are talking about. Don’t worry, the next full month, i.e. February with it’s extra leap year day will be something no-one wants.


Yaaaaaaaaaaay :slight_smile:


Considering how abysmal the Unique MonoloRhino appears to be and how it uses Woolly Rhino as the Epic ingredient, I don’t think two to three weeks of it is that bad. Of course, on the other hand it is brutally hard to dart, and who knows what it might be like with a rebalancing.


Hopefully the next Creature of the Month in February will be Maiasaura.


Please give it another week! You’ve done a terrible job of making your latest uniques unlockable. Creatures like Geminititan, Smilonemys and Monolorhino are so hard to make because you added one of their hybrid components in the very same update. That basically guarantees that nobody will unlock the creature for a long time, especially if it’s non hybrid final component is released at the same time(Woolly Rhino, Carbonemys). Please, for the next patch, if you’re going to release a hybrid and a component at the same time, make sure that the component is in an event the following week. It took you guys nearly a MONTH to have a woolly rhino event. That’s unacceptable.