[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | January 2020

It’s very acceptable. Who says it should be easy to unlock a unique? I wouldn’t want level 30s of a new creature own the arena 2 weeks after release… You gotta work for it!


Yeah for 3 weeks whoopty do.

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I see what you’re saying but it took them so long to release an event for woolly rhino. If they’re gonna release a Dino into the game, they should at least make sure people can actually unlock it first.

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We got it in sanctuaries 2 days later so I don’t see the problem

They didn’t say it was put in by the game.

Someone needs to chill and go outside!

Well as usual,not the epic im the most hyped for…
Let me explain:
-Wooly rhino have only one use and probably for a long time the monolorhino
-monolorhino is according by player base,by me and by metahub the top tier trash unique…even most of others rarity are better than this one
-Instead it receive a buff one day (and i don’t think ludia will come back to position when i saw what they wrote) it will be useless
I assure you i would have prefer wolly mammoth or even simply T-rex


Yes I’m quite dumb :slight_smile: I went into IT. Stupidest thing one can do :stuck_out_tongue:

That is great news! Thank you!

@Gem_Aqua I got my rhino to level 20 a week or so ago. It took my members a week or two to get it and put it in the dance. I’m over or almost halfway to unlocking the unique. It will be my last dino in the dex.

I agree with what you’re saying about hard to create dinos in the game. It’s frustrating and annoying. Especially if you aren’t planning on using them or they suck. I used so many items and so much time on that stupid turtle just to unlock the turtle cat. Never going to use it. Then I kept using items and time on the dumb turtle to get the legendary turtle hybrid to 20 for its future unique. I probably won’t use it either.

Then I used lots on the mammoth to get its hybrid to level 20 for a future unique hybrid as well. I’m pretty sure I won’t be using it either. I don’t want to use any of these stupid mammal animals in the game. I like dinosaurs.

So it is frustrating to not be able to unlock these creatures. I know believe me. But it makes the game longer and more of a grind. Players that started during or after 1.7 don’t even know what a grind is. They unlock something and boost it to team level. I don’t use Boost. I grind my dna and team to team level.

Thanks to the rhino being the monthly dino I’ll be able to finish my dinodex and finally use my sanctuary items on dinos I actually want. I’ll be able to get my 29 erlikospyx and erlidomimus to 30 and my 29 utasinoraptor too.

I’m just mad we got crappy Blue for an extended time and we are cut short on the rhino because of it.

@Tielenaar I think the disappointment with the monolorhino and being difficult to create due to it being and elusive creature is because Ludia said in the 1.11 notes that it would be a unique for lower arena players to use and unlock. Just as it’s legendary and the dracoceratops are easy components to gather and then lower level players can unlock and use a legendary while not being able to get the others just yet. Monolorhino is supposed to be that. However, it’s in epic incubators so low level players probably can’t beat those strike towers. Then it’s slim chance from a 24 hour incubator and I may get 1 of those a month. I agree that these shouldn’t be easy day 1 unlocks but the point of this unique is supposed to be easy and it’s a grind.

I have no idea why it’s supposed to be easy for low level players to unlock. It’s a unique. Even Thor and Indoraptor take many months to create. Took me, I dunno, over half year or so since I started to get my first unique?
Now we have sanctuaries. You only need 1 person in your entire alliance to put it in, and there you go. FIP for a week or 2 and you have it already, and before you know it sanctuaries are flooded with it. Even in lower alliances this is possible.
Stop complaining and being a victim and work for it.

Also, look from a Ludia perspective. Some people have as main goal to complete the dinodex. Once they’re done and there is no new dinos in sight, they might quit. So you can’t make it too easy for all dinos to be created a week after introduction.


I agree with you. I don’t think any unique should be able to be created too easily. I’ve completed my dinodex 3 times and I’ve got 130/250 of the monolorhino. So I’m almost finished again.

The point is that ludia made this specific unique for lower area players. However it’s not easy for them to obtain the dna at all besides the sanctuary. Which isn’t them unlocking it on their own. Low level players can’t beat epic strike towers with level 30 dinos in them. 24 hour incubators are pretty hard to get too.

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Define “below the leagues”.

I’m no where near unlocking it, but if I manage to get the dailies done every day without fail I should get 2200 dna for Rhino which would put me on just 200 shy of lvl 20. I still feel that’s a great jump towards reaching it.

Some people just want stuff handed to them on a plate these days.

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The top three arenas are the Leagues

So aviary isn’t? Lol, it should be a walk in the park for someone in aviary to obtain the rhino…

Aviary is a league of its own. :sweat_smile:
I’d love to have the rhino easier. probably wont use the hybrid tho.

Top three arenas are considered the Leagues because team power is no longer a factor in matchups. It’s just trophy count. Then in the top arena, 6000+, it’s a free-for-all in matchups.

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No idea. I just assume people that aren’t level20 so they would be in low arenas. I think of it when you first unlock a legendary you are above level 10 but maybe not 15 or at 15. At that time your dinos aren’t at level 20 or near. So they made a legendary for these lower level players to get with easy to obtain components. Now they are giving it a unique. So it’s supposed to be easy for these same players to obtain and unlock.

Like I said I’ve almost got the unique and I’ve done what you’re supposed to do. Someone unlocked the rhino and I’ve used my items since and I’ve almost got the monolorhino created. Then I don’t care about rhino anymore. Doesn’t matter to me.

Maybe Ludia should define leagues because as everything they do it doesn’t make much since or isn’t full elaborated.

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