[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | January 2022 - Compsognathus

Hello fellow DPG members,

Starts: January 05, 2022
Ends: February 02, 2022
Sprinting into the new year is the Compsognathus! Get your hunt on when collecting this Epic’s DNA daily!

Is this a good start to the new year? What do you think February’s Creature of the Month will be?!



A great opportunity to unlock Unique Compy


February will probably be

Argenteryx… go brr

The creature we love to hate :smirk::smirk::smirk:
But overall, compy is noice, especially given how poverfull it is

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I literally FIP’d my way to get U Compys up to level 30 yesterday. Gahhhhhhh
That’s fine, though. The epic compys are still pretty decent in tournaments, so yay still?

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Cool I was contemplating leveling these guys to max.


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YAY!! COMPY :green_heart:

Well beavers going to be happy,now isn’t he?
Good luck on your lvl 30 compy beaver :partying_face::blush:

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Since the unique it would make, Compsocaulus was nerfed, through power creep, and has disappeared from most top 500 teams, I think this DNA will be used by many people to just get the epic to level 30 for the weekly tournaments. Otherwise this appears to be a dead end.
As for what I would like to see in February. Since Arctodus is restricted and seems have an epic spawn rate, maybe we can treat it like an Epic have it rewarded in February.


The thing is that the compy hybrid never got a nerf. They were just phased out of the meta by newer and better uniques

This this right here is what I’m talking about

Compsocaulus wasn’t nerfed, it just got affected by powercreep.

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