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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | July 2020 - Eucladoceros

Happy Friday DPG members,

Starts: July 06, 2020
Ends: August 03, 2020

July is here with the heat and so is the Eucladoceros! Complete your daily missions to collect the Eucladoceros’ Epic DNA all month.

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think August’s Creature of the Month will be?!



Best month ever! Thank you.


Steady on there, not quite sure about that

I guess I will complete daily missions everyday. Thank you, one of the best possible choices!


Hopefully it gets a buff soon, ideally this next patch but I’ll definitely still take the DNA.


Thank you! Very nice

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Already unlocked Cornibus, but I guess it’s a good thing for those who didn’t or have a hard time playing at dawn/dusk.


That’s Epic! :wink:

Yes, thank you! Now I can continue FIPing Nasuto instead.

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So lets stack dna for Testa buff.


Finally I will have the unique deer

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Oh yay :man_facepalming:


so jealous of your stash of dna. they never spawn for me.


was just excited because it was something i needed for once.

Yaasss! Hopefully the good news’ll keep rolling in.

They come out around reset. I go out at 8pm eastern time which is reset here and I find them sometimes during the week. But I also FIT it since day 1 in the sanc to get the hybrid. Then we had the championship and something else which took my hybrid to 22 and all the extra dna. I don’t plan on taking it past 22 for a while. Saving nasutoceratops for a potential good Dino hybrid.

my alliance’s sancs are low level and our participation in tournaments is bad. Tho we are trying to do better. kicked 20 non contributing members recently and are hoping to find active players to fill those holes and help us achieve max alliance rewards and better tournament rewards. we’ll work out sancs when we get a full team again.


Wow! Come join ARK you can merge an alliance with another smaller team that’s like minded trying to build. You can also come and find a new alliance if needed. We have 60 or so team. All play styles casual to hardcore. Each alliance has their own leaders and rules. Just one common goal across all teams, don’t place in co-op sancs unless you’re on the schedule to do so.

If you’re interested shoot me a DM.

Yes. All golds are epic :joy::joy:

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I like my alliance, but i can pass along the info about ARK to our leader and other members. It may be something we do in the future.