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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | July 2021 - Dodo

Hey DPG members,

Starts: July 05, 2021
Ends: August 02, 2021

July is here and so is the heat! This flightless bird is no stranger to this warmth.
Walk among its Flock and complete your daily missions to collect the Dodo’s Epic DNA all month.

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think August’s Creature of the Month will be?!



Absolutely excited. More dna to level up my Dodocevia! And my guess is August will be Compsognathus


amazing choice!


I’m excited for Dodo! But could we PLEASE get Compsognathus? Especially since I didn’t see a single one during my entire month in Zone 1…

Hopefully we’ll get it for August!


Happy Cake Day


Sounds good to me! I can get Dodocevia up to 20 in case of potential hybrids.

I can always use more Dodo’s. This will keep me doing PvP.


Can we just stop asking for wasting the months like this


Are you saying Compy is a waste? That’s like the only epic I’m farming right now :sweat_smile:


I mean it’s not bad, but I would’ve preferred an exclusive, although I’ve seen some say that Dodo is the hardest epic to find in the wild

I am so baffled by this, how is getting compy a waste???


If it’s Dodo I might understand, but then you have Dodocevia… Honestly both are good rn. I just happen to already have my Dodocevia at level 20 cause they’ve given out so much, so I’d rather have Compy.


And besides, Dodo’s eventually going to be needed for a Unique anyway. Best to stock up on DNA for it now, and then hopefully Compy will come around in August.

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I feel like I have a lot of dodo dna already

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Or what? We have progress to make rather then just making collection.

Yeah would be good for u, u can ask for a event but a hole month? Common man. Would seriously love T-rex, Diplo, Brachio or the other DNA for meta creature.


Exactly, like there r so event already.

So let’s go down this list, and then at the end I’ll compare them to Compsognathus. Rex is an all-day global spawn. If you are needing Rex, just walk around for a day, or do some of the strike towers on the map that give away dna during the week, as some of them give away epic dna. Diplo is literally a dino featured in this month’s tournament and has been in the weekly alliance incubators multiple times in the past few months, as well as being the daily dna reward a few months ago. Brachi makes Dentist, and while it’s an exclusive, the only reason you’d need Dentist is if you’re doing a very specific raid, to which there are alternatives. Dentist is objectively the worst of the 3 longneck Uniques when it comes to PvP. Now, let’s shine some light on Compsognathus. Although it isn’t an event exclusive, it’s not a global spawn, meaning you have to be in a specific zone to find it, which isn’t easy for a lot of people. Secondly, it’s a fantastic epic by itself, without even taking into account its Unique hybrid. Finally, Compsocaulus (Compy’s hybrid) is rapidly becoming a part of the meta as more and more people unlock it. It is very good, and rivals a lot of the current meta dinos, shaking things up a bit. So what you’re saying makes little sense, seeing as how most people would be overjoyed to get free dna for a fantastic epic that leads to a really good unique.


And not just this 3 epic I mentioned r needed ppl also need more raja, anky, spino gen 2, mammoth, wooly, kentro, grypo, carbo and eucla. Which would be much more preferable

It’s not about filling out a collection. It’s about getting, and leveling up a good epic/unique, which Compsognathus and Compsocaulus are. And yeah, you’re right, Covid is a thing, but Rex is still a global all-day spawn, meaning that it can spawn literally anywhere at any time of day. As for Gemini, the Alliance Championship incubator doesn’t just give the unique dna, it also gives dna for the components, meaning you have more dna to level it up with. As for Dentist, I never said it wasn’t good, just that the other 2 Unique longnecks are objectively better. Onto the dinos you listed at the end; Yes, Raja would be nice, as it leads to Dioraja, which although it’s fallen out of meta for the moment, will probably see a return due to the rise of Compsocaulus. Anky is less needed tbh, as we get it pretty often in weekly events and when we do it is probably one of the easiest epics to dart. SpinoG2 would be really nice, yes, especially since we know that Erlikospyx is a direct counter to ScorpiusG3. Mammoth, while it would be nice to have as the daily dino, I think should just be made a global spawn instead, especially considering it now has 3 hybrids that use its dna. Rhino, we just had a few months ago as the daily dino, and had a Championship for it relatively recently as well. Kentro would be nice, yes. Park spawns are hard to come by, and comparable to Dodo, Kentro makes a nice hybrid. Grypo is not needed as much, bc like Rex, it is a global all-day spawn. The same goes for Carbonemys and Eucladoceros. Also, calling me ignorant wasn’t perhaps the best choice. I was just making a contradicting opinion to your comments about the upcoming daily dino, and the comment about me “not knowing any news” was completely uncalled for and unnecessary.