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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | July 2021 - Dodo

First of all, my apologies if I sound mean, I am a simple English learner who have failed in English not knowing any manner.

And not a lot of ppl will be leving up compy untill they reach getmosphere or nublar shores. Otherwise it will be really hard for a ordinary player to combine it with all other required DNA to Lev it and give it boosts. And especially ppl won’t do it cuz it’s not like that an requirement to be high up those arena. And making it monthly won’t help with collecting those other DNA coins and boosts to make the unique actually useful.

And for Rex as u said it can swap at any place and at no time, but it can also happen that as it a global, it may not even swap at all. As it is for me rn (3 weeks now ;} )

Obeouely u got to the point of every other and for the thing with grypo is the same with rex haven’t seen it for like… Um idk I don’t even remembered when I’ve seen it last. But yeah it can always be opposite, like many ppl can even get it a lot then others

Well tbh, smilo and testa is indeed good and compy counter. And there r some users of them. Not too many but there r.


Perfect. Ima go start gathering inostrancevia so I can get dodo high levelled. Now I need compy for compyC

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Please make sonorasaurus or antarctopelta next

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So We Have Dodo In So Many Weekly Calendars And Dodocevia Twice For Darting Now Dodo Again! Honestly Ludia Give Us Something Good!


And i can then finally get him :slight_smile:

i want compy ludia next month

Wel jammer dat het tot 9 beperkt blijft … per 24 uur? Want zijn nu nog steeds schimmen na gisteren

Translated from Dutch

Too bad that it is limited to 9 … per 24 hours? Because are still shadows after yesterday

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

I have dodo on 15 for dodocevia but I would like to level them up more

I’ll give you diplo and brachi, but most of us have plenty of Rex (you can always use more though). That’s the thing, everyone wants something different. It just so happens that most veteran players have plenty of those other dinos: they need Compy or Dodo more because they’re so new, are good on their own in tournaments, and have great hybrids. So you definitely can’t say that Compy isn’t meta.

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It’s been 3 months since I am no longer my creature of the month because they are not used to make hybrids which will be useful to me I think it will be the 4th …

O please!! That would be AMAZING!!

Not worth it. Absolute crap



Dude. O I do t think it’ll be comfy I think it’ll be kentrosaurus

You are doing the exact same thing, asking for stuff that you want. Just because you think something is a waste doesn’t mean others do.

Example, T-Rex would be a complete waste for me. I’ve got all it’s hybrids to lvl 30. Compy would be a much more worthwhile choice for me.

So lets not be hypoctritical by complaining about other people’s suggestions whilst making your own personal suggestions. :man_shrugging:


As a noob who’s getting his ass kicked by these Epic swarms, i really appreciate the chance of getting my own


Would be nice if it wasn’t Dodo, it’s been in a lot of events now, more than epic compy.

Please bring Compy,Acrocanthosaurus or Blue as August daily mission reward.

Would appreciate compy as august’s daily mission. Would also take mammoth or woolly rhino.

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Well let me just consider that about 300(highest) player in this entire game is good as u. And everyone else need something useful like rex. So u may just consider the most wanting Dino then just the one u need.

And another thing the things I have mentioned, idc any of them. Except for rex. I told them cuz I know many ppl needs it.