[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | June 2019

Darn. Going to be 200 DNA shy of getting Smilodon to 21. Oh well. Will start to work on Diloran and then Dilorac.

I was referring to the Epic version. May bad.

…and kentro for july, so everybody gets happy with the 2 most requested dinos. :slight_smile:
and who knows, to be perfect even for top players, map events for diplodocus. :blush:


I just need 25 Ourano DNA to unlock Diloracheirus

So, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

That’s awesome! Thank you! Pyroraptor in July please! :slight_smile:

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Whats the point of getting spino g2, when the limiting factor for erlikospyx is bary g2? There is no point of having thousands of spino g2 then. And yes, i have like 15k of spino g2 because they spawn almost as much as bary, because its a global spawn. Better to go with Kentro or monolo.


I’d be very happy for those as well.

Personally I’m not interested in the hybrid. I just want to be able to level up my Spinosaurus G2.

Oh. Then i understand. Thanks for clarifying. And good luck with your hunt for spino g2.


I’ll take some ourano… It definitely has ouran away from me…

And ouran,…ouran so far away, couldn’t get away. :yum:



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that’s close to the only epic I see in the wild now… all my epics during a 2 1/2 hour ride were 1 t-rex and like 5 spino g2 and maybe 1 darwin. all because of daily migrations.

If next week continues to follow the theme of the movies, next week should be Jurassic Park III. Jurassic Park III was the introduction of Spinosaurus. Maybe you’ll get the chance to dart Spinosaurus G2? :grinning: Spinosaurus G2 is one of the hardest epics to dart for me. Do you have better luck darting her?

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I am certainly holding out hope. :slight_smile:

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You guys getting spino g2 as they only epic you see make me jealous… ive seen one since 1.7 hit…

Rex is the most common global for me by far… and bary is a distant second… i got like 8k bary g2 just waiting for spino g2 but they are like rarer then kentro for me.

Erliko is more common for me then spino g2.

The epic Baryonyx has been showing up in my area a lot. It seems like every I open my game, there she is. Lol

Monolo for July!

I see loads od them

Gryposuchus, diplodocus, ankylosaur this is my top 3 desired daily rewards.

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I have to admit that spino G2 a see almost every day. For me all 3 global epics spawn equaly, daily dino spawns though, anky, Darwin i literally saw 1 on them in 2 weeks.