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Creature of the Month Jurassic World Alive | JUNE 2020 - Ankylosaurus

Hello fellow DPG members, this is not the official announcement. Just helping people out.

Starts : June 01, 2020

Ends : July 01, 2020

June is already upon us, and with the month of summer comes a new Creature of the Month! Ankylosaurus DNA! Collect this creature’s DNA all month long by completing your Daily Missions!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think July’s Creature of the Month will be?!
Everybody should suggest Woolly Mammoth or Maisaura


Booooooooo! The only good thing about this month is the alliance championship :confused:


Grab Da Popcorns

Am I missing something here? Tryko is still a really good Unique!


It is and I love it but nobody needs Anky dna!! It’s very easy to come by

I mean, good DNA is good DNA.

True but I’m not strapped for anky dna at all

Well, I am, so bring on the dailies!

Well there are many people who need Ankylosaurus because they are not done building Diorajasaur and/or Trykosaurus. As far as I can tell, the majority of every team in the top 100 players has at least one or the other and frequently both on their teams.

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I was expecting another creature as a reward for daily quests of the month … I have a lot of Ankylosaurus DNA.

I can get rex to 20, not tuijonosaurus but if it was for tryko, then why not kentrosaurus.

that won’t last for tryko.

I’ll take anky. neither my tryko or dio are anywhere near max level. 22 (can be 23) and 21 respectfully.
5300 anky i’m sitting on. I’ll gladly take another 3K.

That sucks, I’m desperate for whooly rhino dna :frowning:


I might go for dio. I’ve maxed Tryko
and have dio
sitting at LVL 29

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I can understand wanting to fill that hole in the creature collection, but the unique that comes from the Woolly Rhino DNA does not do well against other players. Monolorhino is just too slow, too weak, and not relevant against all the immune dinosaurs at the top. It has no 2x Damage attack. The Legendary Keratoporcus on the other hand seems to be much better, but you have to get a lot of DNA to make it end game viable. You would need about 26,000 woolly rhino DNa and 260,000 Archaeotherium DNA to get it to level 30.

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No you don’t. 2k is nothing.

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No!! Why Ankylosaurus? Next month I want Pyroraptor. He’s one of my favorites and the last epic raptor I need to collect.

i thought we already had anky?

Yeah, but it seems they’re fine with repeats as we got Rex again a fee months ago

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