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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | June 2020 - Ankylosaurus

Hello fellow DPG members,

Starts: June 01, 2020

Ends: July 06, 2020

June is here! Complete your daily missions to collect the Ankylosaurus’ Epic DNA all month. By time summer fully comes around, you’ll be invincible while enjoying the sun!

Let us know if you’re excited and what you think July’s Creature of the Month will be?!



A little late, but better late than never.
I’m happy with anky.


Haha, remember we’re talking about one of the weakest epics in JWA. Really, please buff him so we can use him in skill tournaments.

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A great CotM btw, Anky is the only thing stopping me from leveling my Tryko and Dio

Please consider giving the other creatures a chance as well before repeating dinos. It’s kinda frustrating that certain dinos still haven’t had their first turn as a daily.


Nah, Anky’s better than some waiting ones like Conca or Koola

But it isn’t as good as other waiting ones like Eucladoceros, Allo G2 and Woolly Mammoth.
It goes both ways. Besides, now if Ludia changes their minds, we’d have to get Concave and Koola twice before we get Anky or Rex again.

Also, Concave and Koola could get Uniques soon.


C’mon Ludia we’re waiting for more Diplodocus!

I still prefer repeating a good unique than risking getting a new but garbage one

But if repeating becomes the norm, we could get Koola multiple times before we get Mammoth.
It’s risky either way.


Hope next ones either Kentro (might as well right?), Pyroraptor, or Wooly Rhino.

Anky is best option currently for me. Finishing Tryko, then need to lvl Dioraja.

Only better would be Brachi.

Hey now. I had it covered with my General post. :slight_smile:
Of course I didn’t have the extra days to July 6th.
But still


I am not complaining about that extension to July 6th. It might get my Diorajasaur to level 30.
Well that and my awesome alliance mates helping me out with Tuojiangosaurus DNA.

Woolly Mammoth and Grypolyth would be the two most useful. Although, I still would like to see Maiasaura.


Can we have unique as a monthly?

Woolly Mammoth please?

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Lol, if they did that, I wonder how much they would have to scale it down so it wouldn’t be considered broken? Like, small enough not to break the game. But big enough where it won’t be considered useless. I always wondered though if they would switch to using rares maybe in the future. Like 1000 Rare DNA a day maybe, or 500 idk.

Or like a level 20 player get 25 a day

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guess it’s fine for those that don’t have tryko and dio at 30 yet