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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | June 2021 - Bumpy

So july I think it needs to be secodontosaurus


Someone should agree with my right maybe @MrMemeZilla_198 or somebody else (I chose @MrMemeZilla_198 because he liked that post so)

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I agree. For those who don’t have Max, that’s not a bad choice.

Someone who has already bumpy. I had him like 2 days ago

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I think bumpy would be rly cool and I need all the epics I can get


Could it please be compy or dodo next?


Would be nice

I think July’s Creature Of The Month should be Albertosaurus.


It can’t because the creature of the month is always epic not rare

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There’s an Albertosaurus migration week or something but it’ll take some time.

My predictions for the creature of the month for july

  • Sinoceratops

  • Baryonyx

  • Concevator

  • Allosaurus gen 2

  • Kentrosaurus

  • Rajasaurus

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In that case, I can wait to get Albertosaurus in my collection.

I no more four bumpy dna and i’m not excited

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