[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | June 2022 - Giganotosaurus

Hey DPG members, take a look at this month’s featured creature!

Start: June 01, 2022
End: July 06, 2022

It’ll be impossible to miss the largest known terrestrial carnivore of the Cretaceous period this month! Complete your daily missions to collect Giganotosaurus Epic DNA all month.

Are you hyped? What do you think July ’s Creature of the Month will be!


Huge W. Thanks

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I’ve been looking forward to this!

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YES finally something useful


ooo really nice reward, thank you ludia!

Happy dance! :t_rex: :dancing_men:


i dont mind, but you should check the latest creature of the month @E.D

was announcent he stays till june 06 ? :smiley:


Now this is going to upset the community


Yay. Now if missions aren’t absurd including the broken lesser emergency heal one

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That’s surprising. Didn’t expected a new creature as the next exclusive

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If Giga is the daily reward then Ludia seriously need to bring back the old mission format asap otherwise people aren’t gonna waste hours trying to do stupid missions for just 100 epic dna

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More like respect

Dear ludiajam

We don’t need harder/nigh impossible grinds unless you pay for broken toys. We want a fun game and this is not the definition of fun for many as we’ve expressed for a while now


Revert the missions back to normal NOW

Also, why was I getting 100 Bumpy dna yesterday but today I can only get 90 Giga dna?

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Hey @Danzilla, Could you please write in to support at support+alive@ludia.com with this info and your support key so we can look into this?

Thank you!

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How do I get a support key?

Log in to game and it should be in your settings (button top left).


Hey @Danzilla, as @Colin_Goodman said

You can also see it on the start up screen at the bottom.


Got it, just sent in a email to support, thanks guys


Yes!!! Raid and tourney gig heer i come!!!