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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | May 2020 - Monolophosaurus

Buff monomimus :fist:t2:


that is exactly why i haven’t boosted it yet. plenty of counters to it in aviary and above. but still does well enough for me to use her.

Same here. Monostego is great. Glad to get some mono for it

I am awaiting for the announcement of, “Because Monolophosaurus is now so much easier to get as a monthly reward, it is only reasonable that we downgrade Monomimus.”


Eh, not bad, I’ll take it. After all not many people are as excited for mammo now with that DR nerf.

Ohhh finally, have only over 13k of its dna and its every hybrid (each one is bad:—)

Yay I guess. I have like 50k Galli and I need Monoloph to make the extremely nerfed monomimus.

Now you have my answer.


Better than Koola, Conca or Bary. Actually if someone uses Vexus or Monosteg then he should be happy

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I’m more frustrated with the fact that all I saw during the “rhino” chase was Monolopho. Now I have to see this thing here as well.

Guess it’s great for people outside my zone…

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Did you say nerf mono?

I did… See above :slight_smile:

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I use Monostegotops, and I’m almost to level 26. Monolophosaurus was holding me back. Am very happy for this month :blush::grin: :ok_hand::clap:


This isn’t absolutely terrible news, but it is slightly disappointing. I’m not hurting for Monolophosaurus DNA right now (I live in zone 3), but I’ll collect what I can.

I took mine. Usually when its something not great they don’t announce it just like when we go baryonx. If its good then they announce it ahead of time like they did with titanoboa.

Well I guess it won’t matter if I forget to finish my dailies some this month, or every day…

I’ll take mono, I need to level up vexus

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:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: hahahahaha

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Since it’s so hard to get your daily rewards.

Why pass up free dna?

If you have to go out of your way to complete your daily I feel bad for your alliance.

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I kept my daily at 100 dna throughout everything, even Baryonyx. Not that I needed Barry that much, but I did all of it anyway and it means that when something useful pops up I immediately start at 100 per day. Never understood this “guess I’ll skip dailies this month” thing.