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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | May 2021 - Diplodocus

Nice… love it

I am One dna away from diplodocus unlock will get to level 20 with the amount of dna

Perfect for Gem . Also getting those Time of the Titans vibes.

This is very useful and I’m certainly happy with it.

Oh yes and kentrosarus for June please

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Great! For June, I’d love to see titanoboa or secodontosaurus :pray:t3::grin:

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Been FIPing gem for a long time, that’s great news! For June I hope its smilo/pachy

Best birthday ever I have my birthday coming soon which is may 18th and I am going to celebrate it with diplodocus:)

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Amazing! Great…

Yes, I can level up gemeni

diplodocus dna is very good better than tsintaosaurus dna.

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Agreed, but I heard in the gamepress that Tsintaosaurus will have a hybrid fused with Mammoth.

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Could not have asked for better

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definitely worth it

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I’d like maiasaura as the June daily missions

June should be allo gen 2

with all the allo gen 2 they given out many times in weekly events ? nah something else would be good

I would say an epic amphibian for summer because you are in the pool in summer and amphibians are in water so yay an epic amphibian

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