[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | May 2022 - Bumpy

Hey DPG members,

Check out the Creature of the Month below!

Starts: May 04, 2022
Ends: June 06, 2022

The weather is warming up and Bumpy is enjoying it! Head out, soak in some sun and complete your daily missions to collect its Epic DNA all month.

Let us know your thoughts and what you believe June’s Creature of the Month will be?!


My country’s unpredictable on off weather: oh I don’t think so

Also, this will be great. I need this for Ankylomoloch, will probs start focusing on it this month



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That’s Ankylosaurus on Nov, last year.

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We had Bumpy when she came out, that’s what they meant.


Meh. Don’t use the apex and could care less for it but I guess it’s good to trade.

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Really? After it was the battle championship creature last month? What, not enough other creatures to choose from? So ridiculous


It’s not ridiculous
It takes 50 dna for one pop at bumpymoloch and 200 bumpymoloch dna for one pop at Anky Lux


really? why? so many others that would be useful to more people

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Meh. So many other good (and newer) candidates.

I’m assuming you guys airway have level thirty Bumpy luxes

more sense since we just got a bunch would be styg if you want to build the hybrid…

I’m happy. I just created Bumpy a couple weeks ago, and started workin towards the only Apex I’ll own.
Legendary is at L24 currently.

OMG yes!!! Should have ankylos lux by the end of the month

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Stygi is a local spawn and you can get it in battle incubators
It’s also been in the game almost from the beginning
Most people who have played for a while and would be close to unlocking Bumpy Lux should have plenty of stgyi stockpiled, at any rate much more than Bumpy


Why are most of us here mad about this? Bumpy is a really great option as it creates a really great Apex


Bumpy is an excellent option


big boost in project anky lux

Hey devs can we suggest creatures for next month?