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[Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | November 2020 - Stygimoloch

Absolutely. I won’t be making any effort for the next month. If I happen to get the reward fine, but it’s not a reward that will make me stay logged in and playing a lot.

Also England is going into national lockdown next week so that rules out going out hunting and doing strike events out of range, so probably good that the reward is so bad personally.

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Remember Miragaia season?? :sweat_smile::expressionless:

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Usually… If the gamepress prediction is right its Arctops.

Kinda a good thing for me I am just starting to work towards paramoloch sorry to those who hate it

Soooo NOT excited…

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Yes I am really excited for it

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It’s not like we had 1 years worth of it in arena incubators

Perfect for tuo just ran out of stygi

This would have incredible 2 months ago. Instead ive put every sanctuary resource i have into getting tuora to 30 and im 100 dna away from that. Happens every single time. :sob:


Why do Ludia hate Grypo so much :frowning:

Stygimoloch is actually a good hitter, so I will be using him on my team probably.
I only level 12 but I was able to get to sorona marshes with a level 15 team. I will probably need higher to continue.

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Can you unlock the charchodontosarus?

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No :slightly_frowning_face:

Tyrannosaurus Rex would be a nice dinosaur to earn a lot on DNA to INDOMINATE the competition over the Christmas Holiday :slight_smile: :gem:

Still waiting for last weeks mission rewards…again

Hello, I am new to this game been playing for about 4 days now… I love this game… better then pokemon in many aspects.
But I do have a few things I think would benefit this game more.

  1. On these epic specials or even on the rare you put a cap on how many attempts you get… (not my issue) my issue is if in a distance and I click on it to see what it is it counts it as attempt made. I dont find this far as I was just checking it out but can not do anything because of it out of my reach. Should make it count only if an actual attempt was made by shooting at it not by clicking on them in the map.
  2. Give rewards for leveling up.
  3. And need more places for XP earned besides leveling dinosaurs.
  4. Make a way to scan through dinos better rather then constantly having to click out of one to enter ather one.
  5. Rare and epic incubator need more then 1 guaranteed drop when spending 200 8n game cash. To me its pointless to mess with it.
  6. Be able to level dinos up while in Sanctuary

I had other suggestions but I have to think again on what there where as some friends of mine and I where talking about yesterday. I will get back with you when I remember them.

Hello I just joined about a few days ago and love this game so far it is also my birthday on in December so for my birthday wish I hope for their to be a Spinosaurus raid