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Creature Of The Month

We’re talking about daily missions.

Ah… ok … surprises are nice I guess

What I hope it is: Darwin, Grypo, Mono, Kentro, Maia, AlloG2

What it probably will be: Concavenator, Baryonyx,

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i hope it’s not monolophosaurus or kentrosaurus because i already have over 1K dna for them which i can do nothing with at the moment. i would love to have some gryposuchus, allosaurus gen 2, darwinopterus or ouranosaurus or maiasaura though


Didn’t we have Ourano before? I don’t they’ll cycle back and do old ones for awhile, if ever.

I hope it’s Maiasaura


Anything that is useful we already had, but I’m betting on something like Kentro or Raja, maybe Allo Gen 2 or Grypo.

It looks like it’s blue now…


Oh great Blue it is…glad I collected Carbonemys early enough.

they are really pushing the indo g2 this time.

Unless there is an official anouncement Ive missed, this might only be for today and tomorrow. Then it will change with the update. Cant rememeber for sure, but I think this has happened in the past right before an update

I don’t think they’ll already give out thousands of DNA of a new creature. Blue is here to stay.


Yeah just saw the announcement. Didnt think it would be new creature, just thought maybe the patche could interfere with the swap. But thats clearly not the case

This feels weird… what are the chances of seeing indoraptor g2 getting nerfed 1 month from now.

I don’t know if this is a popular opinion or not, but I’m actually excited about Blue. Now that I have created IndoGen2 and got her to 20, I would like to continue focusing on leveling up Blue. Just because I really like her. :blush::heart:

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I would personally strongly recommend leveling up indoraptor gen2 instead of leveling up blue though

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What do you think is an ideal level for IndoGen2? I feel like I’m still trying to get the hang of playing with her (I’ll probably need to relearn after the update…lol).

About 2-3 levels under your team average will suffice with ig2.

I’m also accepting Blue. I actually love Blue. My Blue is lvl 18. Its exclusive dna and I’ll take it.

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Mine is level 21 (this was before I knew she was getting a hybrid–never thought she would get one). I don’t regret it. :blush: I like to get her health to around 3000. That’s a personal goal of mine.

I’ll make IndoGen2 a goal too (my immediate goal is at least reached). :slightly_smiling_face: