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Mortem Rex (Why the glowing crystals?)
The Mortem Rex was initially designed to mark areas for flight traffic. However, due to a lack of sufficient salary…

Haast Eagle
After learning that chickens are easy to mass produce for good food, InGen applied Hammond’s philosophy of “sparing no expense” and went all the way by resurrecting Haast’s Eagle. Even Jurassic World’s food must come from extinct sources, and this modern poultry ended its time only 600 years ago. This makes for easy and affordable cloning.

Indominus Rex
Created to be Jurassic World’s prize attraction, the Indominus Rex inherited a dazzling power from cuttlefish–the ability to turn invisible. InGen then made the shocking discovery that invisible creatures are actually not the most interesting to look at for hours. Once the I-Rex proved too expensive to contain, they declared their invention to be open-source and released it to the public.


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