Creature Ranks and rewards for weekly and monthly missions

You have only rewards for daily missions now. But it will be cool if there will be rewards for the rest.
My idea was, 10 legendary dna and than also with a streak to max 100. And monthly missions 10 unique dna and also to a streak max to 100(gonna take a long time)

Creature Ranks.

My idea was Ranks for creatures. That is a feature that you can rank up with your dino to get rewards. You can rank up by dealing damage or defeating dinosaurs.

Rank 1(C-), qeust: damage 1000
Reward: 1000coins

Rank 2(C), qeust: damage 3000
Reward: dna for this creature

Rank 3(C+), qeust: damage 10000
Reward: 1x free boost(this creature only)

Rank 4(B-), qeust: damage 25000
Reward: dna for this creature

Rank 5(B), qeust: damage 50000
Reward: 100bucks

Rank 6(B+), qeust: damage 100000
Reward: 3x free boost(this creature only)

Rank 7(A-), qeust: damage 250000
Reward: Special Dna pack

Rank 8(A), qeust: damage 500000
Reward: Emoij from this creature

Rank 9(A+) quest: damage 1000000
Reward: Skin for this creature.

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