Creature remake - Indominus Rex


own motion
(not spinosaurid motion, roar remake,
bigger and stronger arms and claws)


(in level 16)
SPEED: 113
HEALTH: unchanged
DAMAGE: unchanged
ARMOR: 20%(bulletproof skin)


attack 1x damage.

attack 2x damage,
bypassing armor.
cooldown: 1 / delay: 1

gain 33% dodge chance 2 turns.
next attack is increased 1.5x damage.
next turn, you can use BREAKOUT FRENZY.
it can’t be removed.
cooldown: 3

BREAKOUT FRENZY (ability idea)
destroy shields,
deal 1x damage three times.

on first attack:
deal 1x damage.
increase critical chance by 10%.

on second attack:
deal 1x damage.
increase critical chance by 10%.

on third attack:
deal 1x damage.
increase critical chance by 10%.
bypassing armor.

(first. roar, second. left slash,
third. right slash, and last… BIG BITE.)

cooldown: 1 turn after using CLOAK

all negative effects are deflected.


You just turned IRex into a team-killer… you sure you’re not working for Dr. Wu?


Creature idea-
DMG- 1000000000
1st att- kill anything
2nd att- priority, kill all dinos on opponents bench
Immunity, prevent all damage to Godzilla

Mine is only slightly more OP than yours


yeah… I made this idea when indominus was
weaker than now…

and I think it’s overpowered :sweat:


kind of ‘living god’?


Godzilla it’s not. Diorajasaur… that’s pretty much Godzilla in this game.


i think it should only have one attack



with 0 cooldown.


You want make indominus trash lol, so much counters nowadays made him from a beast to a rabbit


Ouch. You definitely could run the board every battle with just this one.

Nice attempt at a rework, but the OP just broke the game. LOL


OP indeed.


Bigger. Louder. More teeth.


indominus is trash though. it should be immune to nullify and have a shattering attack. not really even usable as-is.


It’s just in how you use it, like any other dino. Unfortunately, until she gets a rework, I will sadly have to bench mine, once she’s completed.


Indom was my first legendary and made it a few days back immediately jumped into battle first match she missed both dodges and died without landing a hit…second match she dodged everything and managed to kill 2 creatures before being going down…

And that sums her up she can be a liability or a match mvp… where i am in lower sorna that positive out come out wieghs the negative


You may have fought me at one point. I was almost to sorna a couple days back, and killed both indoms back to back in consecutive battles.

The major mistake people make with Indom is opening with cloak. It doesn’t make the battle go the way you think it will.


The way it is now, cloaking fails to work properly 60% of the time - ALL the time.