Creature request

The two main creatures I want in the game are the Carcharodontosaurus & the Cryolophosaurus. Also could we finally get an aquatic portion in the game!!!

If anyone else has creatures they want in the game feel free to suggest

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Beta, atrociraptors and carnatorus toro

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I would like to see Struthiomimus, Titanosaurus, Saltasaurus, Shantungosaurus, Oxalaia, and Siamosaurus in the game.

Struthiomimus is there! It’s the Europe Continental spawn.

I too would like a new Spinosaurid like Oxalaia, Siamosaurus, or Ichthyovenator in the game.

Great topic OP, I learned about a bunch of dinosaurs I’d never heard of. Cryolophosaurus with its cool ”pompadour” would be a fresh addition!

Saltasaurus… :joy: [insert a forum userbase joke/self-roast here]


Would love to see Carchar and especially Cryolopho. But aquatics… yeah no thanks. The game lags enough as it is, and I have a fairly new phone to boot. Doubt most people could handle it given all the features they would have to add. The only thing with Carchar is that Dominion’s Giga looks very similar to it, however I do think the art team has a shot to pull it off.

The ones I want the most at the moment is Ceratosaurus, Metriacanthosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus. I feel like these 4 have been forgotten the most especially Ceratosaurus. We got Anurognathus, Ailurarctos, and Fukuisaurus which I appreciate for being unique and less known but it’s kinda weird we got them before Ceratosaurus.

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Carchar Cerato Yuty Pachyrhinosaurus and Corythosaurus
Also I want some hybrids from JWTG like yudon Cerazinosaurus and metriaphodon

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Struthi and Tsinta are all in the game

Some dinosaurs from Dinosaur World Mobile

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