Creature Reviews: Antarctovenator

Welcome to the first topic of what I plan to be a potential series, Creature Reviews! Whether I do more or not is dependent on how much everyone else enjoys this topic and if you all want to see more.

In these Creature Reviews topics, I will give my thoughts on the creature, as well as a guide to using it. The chosen creature is my personal favorite, Antarctovenator!


This gnarly little critter is the game’s first and only unique amphibian creature, and was released in Version 2.3. While not very prevalent in today’s meta, Antarctovenator always holds a spot as a powerful all-rounder that can benefit any team due to its extremely balanced matchup spread and amazing versatility.

Stats, Abilities, and Resistances

Here are Antarctovenator’s base stats (lvl 26), abilties, and resistances:

Class: Wildcard
Health: 4200
Attack: 1200
Speed: 110
Armor: 20%
Crit Chance: 10%

Cunning Strike
Revenge Instant Ferocity
Vulnerability Impact
Revenge Definite Rampage
Medium Nullifying Counter
Swap In Distraction

100% Distraction Resistance
50% Speed Decrease Resistance
75% Stun Resistance
100% Swap Prevent Resistance
100% Vulnerability Resistance

Looking at these attributes, it’s easy to see that Antarctovenator is very versatile and has many different options in its moveset, and can fit several different playstyles with its relatively average stats across the board. This also gives Antarctovenator more boost options than the majority of creatures, so those that plan on using this creature have a lot of freedom with deciding on how they want to boost this creature. Note that this creature’s armor raises its total health to 5250 against foes without armor piercing abilities.

Investment and Accessibility

While not the most difficult unique to unlock, especially for older players, its exclusive ingredient Antarctopelta can put a halt into progress of anyone willing to unlock Antarctovenator. Diplocaulus Gen 2 may also be scarce depending on if the player has invested into Compsocaulus. Concavenator, while only having Antarctovenator as its hybrid, only spawns in Local Area 1, so while being much easier to obtain than Antarctopelta, may take a bit of time to collect DNA for.

Is Antarctovenator Worth Using?

For someone who wants an all-meta team, no. However, I personally recommend this creature for those that play for fun and aren’t focused on the meta, as it’s a versatile yet unique and powerful creature that can prove to be very rewarding with enough investment put into it.


As previously mentioned, Antarctovenator can utilize many different boost spreads and receive different benefits from them. The most common spreads tend either use all health and attack, or a relatively even amount put into every stat, usually with more attack than the other stats. I’m currently running 5/6/4 and plan on reaching 8/12/10 once maxed out. Attack is very important to boost as it strengthens Antarctovenator’s Revenge Definite Rampage, which is by far the strongest completely unblockable move in the game. Speed helps when utilizing its Revenge Killer playstyle, while health helps with its damage tank playstyle.

Using in Battle

This section will go over Antarctovenator’s moveset and the roles each move has when using this creature.

Cunning Strike

This is your go-to stalling option and more likely than not your best option period when RDR isn’t available. Combining this with Antarctovenator’s armor and a high-health boost spread allows Antarctovenator to tank hits, letting it charge up RDR or stall until it can swap out. Remember that this ability cleanses DoT, use that to your advantage when taking on creatures like Scorpios Rex Gen 3.

Revenge Instant Ferocity

While easily Antarctovenator’s worst ability, it can determine entire battles if used right. You mainly want to use this against slow, tanky resilients, especially ones that rely on armor and counter attacks, such as Diorajasaur, Ankylos Lux, Arctovasilas, and even Troodoboa and Indotaurus. However, do not use this move if Revenge Definite Rampage isn’t available next turn, otherwise you won’t be getting nearly as much damage as you could.

Vulnerability Impact

Mostly used for the damage rather than the vulnerability itself, you mainly want to use this against Cunning creatures when RDR isn’t available since Antarctovenator doesn’t need to worry about distraction.

Revenge Definite Rampage

The main-staple of Antarctovenator as a whole, this is by far its best move in its entire kit. Powerful, reliable, and unblockable, a fast Antarctovenator can prove to be one of the best revenge killers in the game solely because of this ability. This move can be used at almost any point in battle and gain use out of it. However you mainly want to use this ability only when your other attacks won’t kill, or as a last resort before Antarctovenator goes down.

Medium Nullifying Counter

While only being a 0.5X counter, its damage should not be slept on, as it can bring many creatures down to kill percent that Antarctovenator normally couldn’t do without the move. It, along with RDR, also invalidates the majority of creatures that rely on positive effects to live or deal big damage.

Swap In Distraction

Simple yet effective, this move gives Antarctovenator the swap synergy it needs to truly be the king of versatility it is. This ability pairs well with Antarctovenator’s counter, and the creature’s bulk usually allows it to land extra hits after swapping.


Overall a strong, versatile, and balanced creature that has withstood the test of time and continued to have its usages even with the immense powercreep seen in the game. Its overall uniqueness and design make it my favorite creature in the game by far, and I hope everyone gives this creature a chance and has as much fun using it as I do.

Due to this topic and any future topics of this potential series requiring my own personal experience to make, I may not be capable of making these topics for any creature I haven’t unlocked or used enough. However, I will try to fulfill any possible requests you all want to see for the next topic. I hope some of you found this useful, as I wanted to cover a more obscure creature that isn’t talked about everywhere in the community.