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Creature Swap Menu

Several people on this forum have criticized the new swap menu. I think this is a very welcome change. You can now look at your opponent’s stats as well as your own.

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I agree, took some getting used to, and I still tend to mash the side trying to find the right spot, but I am very happy I can now see what the other team has for stats instead of trying to remember them from the flash screen before going into battle.


Agreed the stats part is nice but its so easy to switch the 2nd dino in instead of the 3rd since the portrait is right where the switch icon appears

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I just wish that A) the dino icons didn’t change size and B) it didn’t move the dino icons down to make way for the “swap” button.

It just seems unintuitive because if it’s functionality. However the enemy stats are a welcomed change, but I’d just wish they’d streamline this update more.