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Creature Tracking Ability for Exploraion

I will continue to request this on occasion.

With the growing number of creatures out there, it would be nice to be able to have a tracking ability to go hunting after specific ones. This would add fun to the going out and hunting side of the game.

  • The range would be 600-700 meter radius or 1200-1400 diameter.

  • You would hit the tracking ability and a pop-up list of all creatures in range would show, hidden or not.

  • You would select the creature you want to find and hit OK.

  • Then a message would pop up on the screen with a general direction.

  • Once you get within 25 meters of the creature, it will tell you that you found your target.

A little dino pet would be nice where the dino pet runs to the edge of the circle in the direction of the creatures we hunt. When our pet gets close enough to a hidden target, then the creature would appear. If not hidden, then it just stops at the creature.


I want a liliputiense Spinosaurus

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This sounds cool