Creature Tracking and Other Options

Creature tracking is something I wanted for years.
In order of what I like most to least:

  1. Creature tracking - To help find specific creatures I am looking for.
  2. Creature timers - To let you know if you can get to them before they disappear.
  3. Dart upgrades - To get extra DNA from good creatures.
  4. Player Stats - For curiosity to see other players interests in play.
  5. Drone Upgrades - To dart longer or farther.

Creature tracking and timers should go together.
Drone and dart upgrades should go together.
Player stats is its own category but would be good to look at when someone is requesting to join my alliance.


I personally would prefer the creature tracker. It might be help finding creatures like lux


Player stats put up against the others is kinda useless. It benefits leaders and co leaders but doesn’t really benefit anyone else. Like sure it’s cool but when the other 4 are there it’s sorta just useless.

Plus viewing your stats is a basic game mechanic that a lot of games have. So it’s sorta like they’re asking us “Do you want these new mechanics that benefit you and will change the way you dart and hunt? Or do you want something that we should’ve added by now but decided not to?”

I know drops will show up to 2300 feet or 700 meters. I would think that would be the area that tracking would work. This is an example of the range of search. I have the blue circle, yellow circle and then the 700 meter circle.

If your walking, and a creature pops in, there would be time to walk to it as the creatures will stay out 20-30 minutes. If you just open the game and turn on tracking and find something your looking for, there is a big chance you won’t get to it on time. This is where we could use timers to see if it what we are tracking is worth running after

I like to go out walking and riding so this would be really helpful, and especially for lux’s.

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I would love to see them all someday

Its only ‘useless’ for alliance members who dont pull their weight. For particularly prolific players like myself itd be good for leaders to see just how much everyone contributes.

I pull my weight and probably a bit more than my weight… But most alliances aren’t cut throat to the point where they’d kick someone who is performing half as good as someone else. This benefits the leader and co leaders of an alliance that are on the top alliances. Most alliances just go by days absent.

My point is that for high performing members its a positive, i know that the frequency i top my alliances contribution buttons means some members (particularly the officers) donate more heavily to me than others because theyve stated so.
However i still get frustrated, for instance at the moment we are 6k direct hits off the next tier, past experirnce tells me that we wont hit that, despite the fact that between now (coming up to midnight) and the end at 4pm ill do about 1500-2000 even though ill be asleep for 8hrs. Id actually quite like my leader to be able to see what i see, that i contribute 50%+ of our supply drops, darts, & on targets, around a third of our dna, plus a significant number of battles/incs etc, not for any praise but to highlight that i could do with a little help to take us to the next level!!

Considering the fact that most of the problems you’ve cited are related supply drop, darts and targets any of the other mechanics would greatly improve your problem. A tracker, drone upgrades, and dart types would greatly improve the amount of supply drops opened and would add more reason to dart more often. So if the other ones are helping with those problems then the progress tracker isn’t really needed. So yeah it’s kinda useless when the other ones give more reasons to do the things you’ve mentioned

Obviously in an ideal world all will be added. I wasnt specifically advocating for it in general or over the others merely opining that it wasnt ‘useless’.

Oh… Well then I don’t really know why you replied to my comment stating it was useless compared to the other options